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  1. Ok here's the log from the output file which seems to verify what you were saying Beelzybub in regards the file location... 2020-09-23T19:42:51 1.650 INF Loading permissions file at 'C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming/7DaysToDie/Saves/serveradmin.xml' 2020-09-23T19:42:51 1.682 INF Loading permissions file done. 2020-09-23T19:42:52 2.408 INF Reloading serveradmin.xml 2020-09-23T19:42:52 2.408 INF Loading permissions file at 'C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming/7DaysToDie/Saves/serveradmin.xml' 2020-09-23T19:42:52 2.409 INF Loading permissions file done. No
  2. Hey, so we ended up having to just start from scratch. My wife tried a few things and got it working but now we're on b4 and are having this issue again. I'll attach the serveradmin file here. From what I've read online and even in the file header's how-to it LOOKS like it should be working just fine. But, while we can use the CM menu we still cannot use the DM menu. We didn't think much of it but tonight we could have used it as she got herself stuck in a wall and couldn't get out. Thanks! 7 days to die serverxml backup.txt
  3. ooph....well, I mean I'm open to suggestions on another host to try. We've been with these guys a long time and their customer service is really good. We typically get replies within the hour even on sundays and that's what's kept us there. I do agree though that their hardware is bad. It takes up to two hours for our ark server (50+ mods), to reboot and of course, this means that with mod devs updating their files all the time the server is almost unplayable due to the frequent reboots.
  4. Hey all, So, we fired up the game today and joined our server.....we couldn't because it had updated to 178 and we'd missed this. The server reported it was on a randomgen even though we were using pregen3. So, the host had to get in there and blow it out and reset it. Now it's working fine EXCEPT that we can no longer log in as admins. We added our steam ID's and in game names to the serveradmin.xml file but that doesn't help. Is there something we're missing or that has changed? Thanks!
  5. Survival Servers. Their customer service is really good but their hardware is circa 1996 it seems lol Ya, so the host looked at it and said that despite having chosen pregen 3 the server was reporting the world was a randomgen. He also said that this patch reset almost every one of their clients running the experimental build. So....new map! Time to try a mod or two I guess
  6. Did this update wipe the server for you guys or is it just us? Went to play tonight (sunday), and it's a default server. Default map, no mods, heck not even a server name or password.
  7. Woot.....ok so, where do these go?
  8. It does it with windows managed and with me setting the size. And yes it's just me. I'll have to get with the server admin...I mean my wife...about the log file. Ok, just played several hours. I turned off anything to do with shadows and while the world looks washed out...it kept me from crashing. I have had this problem with Ark in the past with the RTX cards so I'm wondering if it's related to that.
  9. Hey all, Ok so, out A19 server has been running great. Today however, we logged in and I was disconnected within a minute. I kept getting randomly dropped about 1-5 minutes, no matter what I was doing. I've tried everything I could find from resetting my network interface, flushing the caches, even adjusting the page file size which actually DID help...now I can play up to 30 minutes. If I look at F1 it says it disconnected me due to timeout...yet I'm playing, not just afk or something. If anyone has any pointers or even a place to go read up on something I'
  10. This just started happening to me today. I get random disconnects, typically only a few minutes into the game. My wife's machine hums right along with zero issues. Was fine just yesterday so not sure why today (8/2/2020), is any different.
  11. Having the same issue. Ran great up until just today (8/2/2020), and now I can connect...but after a few minutes I get disconnected and when I pull up F1 it says the connection timed out. My wife however, who sits right beside me, is still connected and playing just fine. Also, I never had this issue in any previous alpha.
  12. Not a fan of the DE's silly looking rear sight and safety. Seriously, wtf....all the other weapons look serviceable but that's just goofy guys. The rear sight is just a bit of metal in a dovetail slot FFS it isn't like it's going to just flop out, they're pressed in. The front sight would have issues before most rear sights in fact. And, if you just up and lost the safety while totally disassembling it one day because, you know out on the zombie frontier you had to, nay NEEDED to take the most durable hand cannon on the planet down to bare metal one day....then fine, you need to get that safet
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