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  1. Not a fan of the DE's silly looking rear sight and safety. Seriously, wtf....all the other weapons look serviceable but that's just goofy guys. The rear sight is just a bit of metal in a dovetail slot FFS it isn't like it's going to just flop out, they're pressed in. The front sight would have issues before most rear sights in fact. And, if you just up and lost the safety while totally disassembling it one day because, you know out on the zombie frontier you had to, nay NEEDED to take the most durable hand cannon on the planet down to bare metal one day....then fine, you need to get that safety working. How's about cutting that nail down a bit to make it...hmm...what's the term? USABLE??? And not be such a snag that it even stops a passing breeze??
  2. It's still not enough brass from loot. Dukes, yes you can get tons of them but just not fast on short notice. The reason I suggested what I did is that every building has lighting you can wrench on....which should get you wires. Same for appliances, lots of wiring. And that should be a resource as brass or copper etc.. Vs running around clearing trader stuff for dukes to smelt. Which, is fine....unless you're saving for that motorbike chassis or you know...your quests are busted AF on your server right now and you can never complete them. Point is, whoever heard of a lead trophy? Yet we have those....so why not some wiring you can use too??
  3. I've seen someone talking about a brass catcher mod for just this reason. I'd be ok with that too as it would mirror my life IRL when going to the range lol....policing brass is a PITA IRL. And it'd have to be some kind of auto-pickup, borderlands style. Because imagine after a long horde night after you've expelled almost 2K rounds each lol
  4. True, but what got me wondering about this is when our quests started bugging out so we're kinda limited there now. And besides, if someone is saving up for that sweet bike or chopper chassis then smelting dukes would just make that tougher.
  5. Hello, First, thanks FP for this great game! Keep up the good work! So, it seems to me that brass could be a little easier to come by. Seeing as there is currently no copper or zinc in the game with which to actually smelt brass, how about instead we use just iron to make the cases? IRL steel cases are a thing but in game it's a bit expensive to make and always comes in ingots. And with the borked measurement system it would probably take like five bars to make one round anyway (looking at you Molotov and your 300 gas...seriously is it measured in milliliters??). I was thinking that with all the salvaging we do with the wrench why not add copper wires as a resource when harvesting anything electronic? You can then toss that into the forge to smelt. If you want to just keep it super simple and fudge it a bit then say that is just another source of brass. I like the idea of keeping the game as a good mix of realistic and fun/fast. Obviously, to make your own rounds IRL you'd need lots of involved steps and I won't even get into trying to make your own primers which no round would function without (even a rimfire has one, it's just in the rim). And, nobody wants to craft three to four tiers of reloading bench and then sit there and hand load all day on the press....at least not in game. But brass is kind of limiting my ammo crafting pretty harshly at this stage. And as to AP rounds, how about we keep the formula as is and add one small thing....each one also needs one scrap iron for the penetrator? Arrows vs feathers: They needs not always use feathers. In fact, you should be able to use plastic for the fletchings with no problem. I'd like to see more drop on the crossbows though. The best real world crossbows fire a bolt that moves only about half again as fast as a paintball, not a pistol round lol Thanks for reading!
  6. We have a server running Alpha 18.3 (b4) While doing fetch and or clear quests we'll clear the poi and even find the courier bag yet the quest never completes. We've had zombie marker dots that appeared to be in walls, break the walls down and nothing there. Loot everything in the building even dismantle the building to the foundation and still nothing. Is this a known issue? I tried searching the forums but couldn't find an open post about it. So if so then please just let me know and I'll go find it. Thanks in advance!
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