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Tool to pickup any decoration block/furniture


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5 hours ago, beHypE said:

Hey !


I'd like to know if/how it's possible to add a new tool that lets us pickup any furniture/decoration block directly from the world. I want those weapon racks & cloth holders in my base !


Hi beHype

There is a mod similar to what you are looking for is called Dr@%$*#!upEnvironment and there is also one created by EpicSpire (Epicspire´s driftwood, cinderblocks, metalpiles) that is similar to the previous one, you can find them here or on Nexus, only they are for previous alphas, no I know if they have already been updated.
I have updated it with some minor errors, I have added the blocks that I want to collect and if they are not, I will add them (schoolDesk, barTool, etc).

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