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How do I add a prefab to a specific map on my private server?


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Hi All, 


I am very new to server ownership. I set a private server through BlueFangSolutions.com to be a random gen map, based on a specific world seed. I really like the map it generated and want to continue to use it. 

I also built my first prefab in the prefab editor. Since A19 isn't stable yet, I figured I would mess around with creating some custom prefab for my server before really starting it up. 

I generated the same map based on the world seed I'd picked for my server in the map generator via 7 days editing tools, then opened it in the world editor and placed my prefab. But I'm lost for how to get the edited map onto my server? or how to get the map to generate my prefab along with the other prefabs?

Basically, I'm confused on how to get the prefab to the private server map. 

I did add the prefab files from my steam files into the prefab files on my private server. But, I'm not sure if that means the prefab will populate in my random world if I reset it or not? I'm just a little lost. I've found it hard to find an explanation online for this specific scenario. A lot of the videos/tutorials are for if you're loading your own private game via steam, not a third party server. 

Any advice? 



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I have a similar issue, still hoping for somebody to be able to help. The "K" button isn't working anymore when not used in the World Editor but on any other generated map, so it doesn't give the option to even place a prefab to another map. If you find out how or if anybody else reads this who knows how to place prefabs in this new update, don't hesitate to help please! :D

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If I remember well, there is a mod to do that in a an existing party server but I don't remember the name, you should find it here...


If not, follow my very noob soluce xD :

- Create a party with a existing world or a new one

(the save of new world will not be the name of the seed, but the name from Generated World Name & you will find it here C:\Users\"YourAccount"\AppData\Roaming\7DaysToDie\GeneratedWorlds)


- Test it in solo & see if you like it

- Go where you want to place your prefab & note the coordinate x z y who that will be the corner south-west of the ground of the prefab (not the underground)

x > negative for west

z > elevation, always positive number 0 to 255 (bedrock to the sky)

y > negative for south


- Quit the party without quit the game


- Go in the map folder & open prefabs.xml & add it after the last prefab to give it the priority to spawn to overwrite prefab's zone, example:

<decoration type="model" name="trader_jen" position="0,64,0" rotation="0" />


- Delete all files in the folder region of the map here, to reset:

C:\Users\"YourAccount"\AppData\Roaming\7DaysToDie\Saves\"map"\"name party"\Region

Or you can just delete the save party of this map & redo a new party but seem like the loading is more slow than just delete region files...


- Go to see is it's correct & adjust it & always quit the party & not the game:


> The elevation in the prefab xml:

<property name="YOffset" value="xxx" />

xxx > can be negative


> Same, the rotation:

<property name="RotationToFaceNorth" value="xxx" />

xxx > 0/1/2/3 if I remember well since my last test, it's seem like a reverse clockwise & not the normal way


- Again, delete all files in the folder region & redo to see if is well & if not, redo the samething just like before...


But for server, I think you must to copy the map here & you can rename the folder name of the map without problem...

...\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die Server\Data\Worlds\


& if you want player to spawn on it in their first time, just note the coordinate where you want as the same way for the prefab, & then go change it in spawnpoints.xml in the saveworld of the map...


It's a slow way but that's work well if you don't want to use the mod...


For a random spawn, add it in the section <prefab_rule name="prefabList">

...\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die Server\Data\Config\rwgmixer.xml

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