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  1. Hi All, I'm having an issue where when I load into the prefab editor, my toolbelt is locked. I cannot drag anything to/from it. If I want to add something from the creative menu, I have to first add it to my backpack and then shift + left-click it onto the toolbelt. However, once it is there, I can't remove it either by dragging it off or selecting it and pressing "D" while it is selected either. So when the belt is full and I need to add new items, I can only click the trash can in the backpack to clear my entire inventory to clear the belt. Then I have to refind/add all my static tools, like the dig gun, paint brush, etc. It seems I simply cannot click the toolbelt. If I click on an item on the belt, it does not select the item at all. But if I use my scroll wheel, I can scroll through the toolbelt to get to different tools. This is a real slow down. Anyone had this issue? Is there a way to unlock the toolbelt?
  2. Thanks for the replies all. I paid full price for myself for the game. I just can't justify spending $75-$100 outfitting my friends with it - even though I'd really like them to try it and agree that it's a great game and totally worth the money. So I'll just wait for the summer sale. 👍
  3. I have a couple people I would like to buy the game for. I've been holding out for a sale but have yet to catch one. I guess a spring sale is not gonna happen. Any ideas when the next sale might be?
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