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Is there a console command to "restart" the game?


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So I am getting quite a few rendering issues. I raised a bug report but was told it was all down to my VRAM (which at 4Gb I feel should be enough, but that's a different discussion). One solution is to quit to the menu then reloading the game.


What I'd like to know is if there is/are console command(s) that will achieve that without needing to drop to the menu.


Ideally something like..

- clearallcachedchunks

- redrawchunk

- reloadgame


I've had a look at the console command list on gamepedia: https://7daystodie.gamepedia.com/Command_Console and the only thing that stands out (to me) is repairchunkdensity but any attempt to use that just returns the error message "No chunk could be loaded.."


Any way to do this?


Just for reference the most common rendering issue is "random granite blocks" appearing in buildings. I have a video of that here:



And as I say, dropping to the main menu then reloading the map resolves this.


** Edit: These rendering issues only started happening since b169 so perhaps something relating to rendering PoI's changed with that build **


Thanks in advance for any replies.


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I'm not a expert but I think it's not your vram but just your ram, no?

I have two PC, one got 2gb vram & a other 6gb vram & no bug like this...

Your bug seem like a old "bug" when I play +/-a15/a16 with 4gb ram with win 7 x32 on the PC with 2gb vram & so I up it to win 7 x64 16gb & then no more "bug" like this...

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I'm really sorry to take so long in replying to you!


To answer your question, it's not a ram problem as I have 16Gb in my machine. It's not the most powerful CPU it's not dreadful (it's a FX8320, coupled with an RX580 4Gb Nitro+). The problem, you are right, is an old one, but it's only just kicked in with the last  couple of builds of experimental.


Might get resolved once it goes to stable and perhaps(?) there is stricter memory management/garbage collection.



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