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Weird Issue Where Blocks Become Invisible


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I had a plan for a base and I'd added the Mall POI into a generated map, so I've still been playing on A18. I've just started having an issue though. I have a bunch of modlets running but they've never caused the issue before so I believe that the issue is something else. I am running the bigger backpack mod, vehicle storage mod, increased stack sizes, Harry's M4 mod, increased zombie loot mod, and a vehicle mod that varies up the spawned vics. Like I said though, never had an issue before even with the mods. My base is massive so I'm thinking it's that and all the mining I'm doing. Anyways, the issue is that blocks go invisible when I'm staring at them and too close to them. If I move about 10m away or turn 90 degrees to them, they reappear. My forges have just started doing this. I started thinking it might be the mine when the area on the surface showed just how massive an area I'd mined, roughtly half the size of a small town. For the most part I've gotten what I wanted to out of this playthrough, but this issue's been bugging me so I thought I'd ask about it.


Edit: Specifically the main blocks that do this are my signs. I barely cared at all with the signs but the forges worry me.

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