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Bloater Zombie - Concept Art + Concept


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Another concept by @Adam the Waster that i decided to give him a visual based on my own interpretation.


"Bloater: this early on special zombies kinda looks like Moe but his gut is more Bloated, has a sickly green skin, a Large Gas buildup in the throat that kinda looks like a Frogs vocal sac. he sounds like someone coughing and has a few ability

  • AOE gas Effect: he will emit a Large cloud of gas around him that will lower HP and may cause you to get sick! (causes dysentery)
  • a close Range Cough: he will Breath out a large gas cloud to you and will damage you!
  • If he died by a range attack like a gun he will pop like a balloon and will leave a large gas cloud behind, if he dies by a Headshot, he will only leave a small gas cloud, if he dies by a melee attack he will just die! (note: Gas can effect zombies too! so you can uses them as living traps!)
  • HP: 80
  • Armor: 0"



Like my last drawing, this is also another sad zombie, a bit based on the guy from the Dead Island 2 trailer when it comes to the infection.

He was just a fat guy trying to make a better living for himself, jogging every day until he unfortunately got bit and tried to hide it under his wristband.

Well, after one came many more encounters until he was done...well....faster.

He was also a very sneezy guy with sinusitis, so the infection took over that and pushed the mucus so hard it broke his jaw in half, only to come to out of the nose.



Remember to like, comment subsc-- wait wrong platform.


If you like it be sure to give it a little heart, and leave your feedback in the comments. Enjoy!




Fat Zombie Concept 01.jpg

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