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Improved Traders


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Traders, traders, all about traders.

Some items can just be found at traders stock, like solar panels, solar cells and fergit elixir. They give you missions, and if you focus only in this way of playing you can even get a 4x4 Truck in the first week of gameplay.

Traders, many players think they are unbalanced and shouldn't exist in the game. Many others think they are essential.

I agree with both opinions, that are unbalanced, but they are necessary. For me and many others, the most fun part of this game is raiding a large building during a quest in a party with 8 players all in call. I play in a server with 10-30 players online at same time, and when they come to our Discord group, the first thing they say are: "Hey, lets do some missions.".

And we go, all of us, sharing food, ammo, medications and stuff, trading and playing together.

And that is all thanks to the trader and the missions. But yes, traders are unbalanced, in the first day of gameplay I bought a motorcycle, and I was just level 7 with no forge and even no base. At level 30-40 my gear are almost all level 6 and I dont farmed nothing, I dont mined nothing, my house is just a 5x5x5 cube with I use for storage purpose.

I am far better equiped and resourcefull than any other player, I aways have food, aways have ammo, aways have medicine. Everything I want, I have and I am just level 30. Cause traders are unbalanced.

So, here I come to tell my thoughts and give you my opinion to turn the game more fun and challenger even for experienced players like me.


1 - Trader Sttlement Progression:

All traders have one of every workstation at their settlements: campfire, workbench, forge, chemistry and mixer. Sometimes these stations are broken and useless, sometimes not, and players at low levels can use. I propose a new challenge: at start of the game, all stations are broken but the player can repair it doing specific missions.

Campfire - is aways usefull.
Forge - specific mission level 1 to repair.
Workbench, Mixer and Chemistry Station - specific mission level 2 to repair.

The stations will remain usefull during 7 days.

2 - Trader Stock Progression:

Actualy, every trader sell all stuff, but every one is specialized in one type. For example, Jen sell more medicines and Rekt more food and seeds.

My suggestion: traders not are specialized, they sell everything, but if you want see more ammo, or more food, or more stuff you need acomplish specific missions. These missions work as normal missions, and you even get bounty for accomplish, but they not are just missions, they increase the amount and variety of items sold by the trader.

The amount of items, its tier and quality are similar to the level of the quest. Before give the quest, the trader will tell you with items the quest will unlock. For example, food, or weapons, or medical stuff.

All the extra stuff added by missions will stay ready to buy during 3 days.

This suggestion is very helpfull in higly populated servers were many players visit the player and buy stuff all the time.

3 -Stock Variety Sorted by Game Stage Progression:

The stuff sold by traders should be sorted by gamestage, a player level 7, per example, never can see a motorcycle to sell even if he have Better Trade level 5. The skill Better Trade should only improve the prices and add items inside the gamestage.

About quests:

Actually, if you unlock quests level 5, the lower level quests will be more rare. For example, at this moment I have 7 quests proposions in the trader, 5 are tier 5, 1 is tier 3 and another are tier 4. The problem is: sometimes I dont want play quests tier 5, cause I dont have resource, or I dont have time, or even I am with a low level friend and want play easy quests with him (I know he can get his own quest and share with me, but I want have mine quests too to share with him). Or even: I want low grade bounty, for example, missions level 1 and 2 are good for gain books.

My suggestion: if you unlock missions of high tier, the low tier will aways be visible in equal quantity.

About bounty:

I just wasted 450 7.62 bullets and spent 2 hours cleaning Dishong Tower, time to get my bounty and... 40 explosive arrows, 5 First Aid Bandage, Auto Shotgun Tier 4, Impact Driver Tier 5 and 90 7.62 AP bullets...

Its ok about shotgun and the Impact Driver, but frist aid bandage as a reward for a tier 4-5 quest is inadmissible! And just 90 bullets? Or 40 explosive arrows? God! Tier 5 missions should work only with great rewards! Like 5 First Aid Kit instead 5 damn first aid bandage, 150 7.62 AP bullets, 75 explosive arrows. The reward should be rebalanced. Thank God they removed paper as a reward, but there are much more work to do.

And how about better reward for missions with double objectives?

Well, thats all. Thank you for your attention, sorry for any grammar mystakes.

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