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Military safes and such


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So reading throught many A19 discussions i came to the conclusion that the main problem what many people use as a reason on why you can find a blunderbuss in a safe in a military base is to make the game streamlined for progression.


Now here i wish to create a system where the loot and the place it is in makes actual sense. Im going to list all new containers and the logic each one follows along with a reason why they exist.




The Looted Containers


The idea for these is that we add an opened up state to all lootable containers. These are the equilovent of empty trash you can find, if theres loot in them its something another survivor didnt need.


Lootable items, each container has 1-3 different items (chances shown with maxed lucky looter):


  1. Commons aka Wood, Stone, Plant Fibers, Iron. 10-100 pieces with 70% chance
  2. Uncommons aka Money, Plastics, Glue, Food, etc (materials). 10-50 pieces with 25% chance
  3. Rares aka Ammunition, Tools, etc (valuables). 1-5 pieces with 4% chance
  4. "Legendary" aka Weapons. 1 piece with 1% chance


These containers serve their purpose as main targets for the fresh players as they mostly find cheap, commonly used materials in them with the occassional other materials. They are most commonly found in houses and stores.




The Survivors Cache


A simple homemade box (metal or wood) to keep the stuff of the lone survivor safe, they are mostly open or are jammed in so you gotta break them up. You can found these in reinforced areas what look like someone took their time to survive there but ultimately failed or had to bail. They can also be found hidden around the map as an emergency cache of someone who might wanna survive.


Lootable items each container has 1-6 different items (chances shown with maxed lucky looter):


  1. Memory of someone, this is a memento of the person who used this cache its either 0% or 100% chance of spawning. It contains instruction on what to do with the finding essentially a mission what can reward you with random stuff and some lore about people who used to be here.
  2. Commons aka Tools and Food. 2-4 Pieces with 60% chance
  3. Uncommons aka Ammo and Valuable materials 10-30 pieces 30% chance
  4. Rares aka Guns, 1 piece with 10% chance


The purpose of this item is to help both the new players and the old ones with items what are needed for survival. The caches are generally hidden away in various places to make sure they are not easy to get but worth searching for.




Regular Safes


Your common box shaped container found all around the world. Theres not much to say about it, its black and boxy.


New mechanics added: Mechnanical lockpicking minigame


This is the first major point here, a common safe has 2500 hp and comes with a lockpicking minigame. The lockpick item now becomes a permanent tool what you need to keep repaired.


The game is simple, you will get a picture of a common lock from sideway where you have to find where does exactly the moving parts lock in. 




You need Lock picking high to keep the pins longer in their place and high agility to increase the precision of your movement. The idea is that no locked safe is impossible but the player should get rewarded in a near equal manner for their work done.


The lockpick tool is upgradeable 2 times, first it becomes lockpick set and second it becomes safecracker set. The first upgrade needs the basic lockpic and a some plastics to create a stethoscope to listen for sounds, the second upgrade need electronic components to create a shorting equipment. Each upgrade makes picking locks slightly easier.



Some update on the safe behaviour:


  1. Regular safes cannot contain any items what are bigger then themselves, so no more tools and rifles in small safes.
  2. Safes follow logic on their loot, a safe in a shop has high chances of containing money, in a military base its ammo and a handgun, in a house its various valuables.
  3. Hitting a safe is a dangerous game to play. They generate lot of noise and the more hp they have the louder they get and spawn zombies around you.
  4. Each safe has tiers from 1-6, which affects their loot but also affects the hardness of the lock (for example a t6 basic safe has 6 shaky pins to get into position).



Within the above rules a common safe has the following lootables each container has 1-10 different items (chances shown with maxed lucky looter):


  1. Gold/Silver/Diamond items 1-3 pieces with 50% chance
  2. Money 20-500 pieces with 50% chance
  3. Dukes 20-1000 pieces with 50% chance
  4. Ammo (various types and amounts) 30% chance
  5. Memory of someone (explained upper) 10% chance
  6. Pistol or similar sized weapon 10% chance




Gun or Tool Safes



Your common long safe with a new variant for keeping tools in. 5000 hp and as explained upper on the safe behaviour because it has much more hp the sound it generates is louder and attracts more undead.


New mechanics added: Combination lockpicking minigame


This game doesnt necessearly need the lockpick set but its much easier if you have the proper equipment. You get the picture of a basic turnable combination lock from the outside and you essentially move the lock till you hear a click. The higher tier the lock is the more numbers you need, you need Lockpicking to make the area of click smaller and high perception to hear the click better. Starts with 4 number combinations and each tier adds 1 more number to find.




Safe specific behaviour rules:


  1. Each safe contains max 3 of guns/tools.
  2. Ammo only appears in gun safes and not in tool ones
  3. Safes specifically follow POI related loot rules here. You wont find an m60 ever in a hunting store and you wont find a pickaxe in a butcher shop
  4. You cannot find any tool or weapon in these safes what are even remotely look like they are military weapons.


Gun/Tool Safes have the following lootables with maxed lucky looter, each container has 1-5 items in it:


  1. Guns/Tools 1-3 pieces with 70% chance
  2. Ammo (various amounts) 30% chance
  3. Repair Kits 1-3 pieces with 30% chance
  4. Mechanical/Electric parts 1-10 pieces 15% chance
  5. Weapon/Tool parts 1-5 pieces 15% chance




Military Safes



These specific safes have 10K hp and can only be found in Laboratories or Military bases. They are loud enough to attract smaller hordes and have built in alarm system what go on once they reach 25% hp.


New mechanics added: Electric lockpicking minigame


This game requies you to upgrade your lockpick to the last version as it is a precision lock. You get the image of an electric circuit and an oscilloscope, you press the analyze button and for a moment you see the wavelenght of the lock which you need to replicate before it changes. Lockpicking is needed to increase the time the original wave is visible while intellect is needed to make the tuning of the waves faster and it also makes sure you dont need to be that precise when matching the waves.

If you activate the opening with the wrong wave the alarm will trigger for 1 ingame hour alerting all zombies nearby and essentially spawning 1 wave of the bloodmoon horde on you.



These safes are the only ones which contain military grade weapons such as grenades, m60 and soo on.


Military safes always have 1-2 guns in them along with matching ammo of 50-100, other random lootables are the following (0-2 per safe):


  1. Explosives, only military grade ones 1-5 piece with 50% chance
  2. Bonus ammo 10-100 pieces with 25% chance
  3. Weapon specific magazine 1-2 piece with 25% chance
  4. Military mission dossier 1% chance



The military mission dossier is essentially an endgame mission. You get a coordinate where you have to clean out a zone, get a specific shematics and/or materials, travel them to an area what you can keep safe and activate the signal on it to extract them while keeping the stuff safe.


The first part usually have 20-25 various high stage zombies, the extraction point defense will literally asks you to keep the container safe against 3 full daylight bloodmoon hordes till a helicopter arrives and picks up the gear cleaning out the leftover undead (The container must be accessible vertically for the helicopter!). Your reward will be a signaler what if you activate you will get an airdrop of high amounts of ammo, great weapons and military dossier only equipment.



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5 hours ago, Blaster_Yoda said:

Umm, ok, I love your enthusiasm but it's a bit complex for a game that people play to escape the reality we live in.  Excellent creativity though. perhaps you should apply for a job with the company as a graphics designer.



That would be nice but i have absolutely zero qualifications for such job, i can come up with some ideas, work to some degree with mods but thats it.


Its only complex from a developer standpoint because they need to actually code this, for the players you have 3 different lockpick minigames neither which is new and unseen of.

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