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New Trader Quests


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I want to start off: I love this game and am having a ton of fun playing it. One thing that is getting real old real quick are the trader quests. I have a few ideas about changing them up. I put them up on Reddit and had lots of people comment and bump. https://www.reddit.com/r/7daystodie/comments/hswmw4/new_quest_ideas/

  1. 1. Craft it and sell it --> Make some crazy thing that takes a bunch of items to craft and then sell it to the trader. Maybe it could use up a bunch of the mats that always seem to go to waste.

  2. 2. Demo Quest --> Demolish a house at a particular location. It would be fun to see all the screamers show up and all the Zeds you'd have to kill to keep the demo going. One redditor suggested that the trader say the house was attracting zombies and needed to be demolished.

  3. 3. Trapped in a building --> Find an NPC in a POI. As soon as you find the NPC, the zeds spawn at the bottom and you have to fight your way out. The NPC can disappear or follow you out. If the NPC follows you, but you have to maybe break down walls. Simple controls to tell the NPC to stay or follow. 

  4. 4. Arena --> Traders have arenas where you can face off against zombies and are given a particular melee weapon. Dying doesn't create XP loss/handicap.

  5. 5. Body Count --> Kill a number of zombies in a particular time frame. Start the quest at a location, but just have them spawn. One redditor suggested maybe it could be to defend an army camp or house from incoming zombie hordes (mini blood moon). You have stay within the gold circle in order to get credit.

  6. 6. Emergency Delivery / Dead Drop --> Go to a POI to retrieve an object, then drop the item off to another trader to help save a survivor. The quest is timed. Dead drop is going to one POI, getting the supplies, and then placing it in another POI for a drop.


Any thoughts on this would be awesome. I figure there would be a few on the list that would be real easy to program (#1, 2, 5, 6)

Again, the game is awesome. Would just like to see some variation in quests.


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Investigate: search a poi for clues, then return to the trader when you hit a certain clue percentage. However, if you find all the clues, the tier of reward is increased. The longer you stay at the poi, the more dangerous it gets. 


Scout: Uncover an area of the map. The more you uncover the better the reward, once again the longer you are out there, the more dangerous it is. 


Missing persons: search a poi for a missing person. Sometimes you find remains, other times you find a note. 


intercept a horde: when the quest is accepted, a massive feral horde spawns on the map, you have to intercept that horde and kill all of them. 


Crash site/lost platoon: find a military crash site with super supplies. It went down because something really bad happened.... 

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