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EAC Error for one player on Dedicated Server


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I host a dedicated server on a separate machine using Steams 7 Days to Die Dedicated Server Tool.

Since updating from A19 B-157 to B-163 we have one player who cannot connect to the server.

The logs seems to dictate its an EAC error so before creating this post we have worked through all the EAC troubleshooting, made sure the game folder is added as an exception to AV and firewalls and also done a complete re-install of 7 days to Die.

If I had hair I would be tearing it out right now.

The server displays the following log when the player tries to connect:




Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance





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EAC is only kicking them because their connection times out and there is no response from their client.


They should perform the Lag troubleshooting I provide in the FAQ. If their ping to the server is below 50, they shouldn't have an issue generally, though DNS might be broken.

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