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Broken Camera Views


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My wife and I have been playing a19 together without issues. Hit Day 7 and suddenly her view goes all wonky. If she moves around it will go sideways, upside down, all around. This seems to persist until she dies (which really frustrates her) or logs out/logs back in. It has now happened 3 different times all on day 7, at different locations and doing different things. We have never seen this before, but it caused us to stop playing and now she won't play until we can figure out a fix so it won't happen again.


Anyone seen this before, or know what can cause it? A screenshot is seen here with one view, but if she moved, it would flip the other way or upside down, and keep her unable to look around or really protect herself.


Between this and my lost backpack (filled with goods to sell) not spawning where it was meant to be (logs don't show it destroyed), she is quite frustrated this time around, and I don't think these are really a19 bugs, just normal bugs.




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