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Glitchy sound with some lag


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Hello, randomly when I start my  game, the music and other sounds will have little glitches/stutters in them. Once  the game starts, the sounds and my movement all stutter. Sometimes when I turn the game on it works perfectly, with no issues. But once I get a game with the stuttering, I have to wait a day or two before I can play without it. 


My drivers are all updated, I've uninstalled and reinstalled and it does not make a difference. I'm playing on a 6 month old high end computer and the game is vanilla, solo. Also, this was happening in A18 as well, just not as much. Anyone have any idea what could be happening? 



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Kaspersky, the same one that was used to hack NSA servers, and is known for putting malicious backdoors in their software?

Also, it's one of the most offensive apps when it comes to gaming. I cover why and how to exclude the client in the FAQ.


Since you built it yourself, did you ensure that the RAM and CPU timings are configured properly? Most motherboards over the past couple of years default to minimum until you go in and configure it. Even on high-end systems designed for overclocking.


I'll also note that your view of high-end isn't always the case. Just recently we had a guy complaining about game performance on his brand new high-end system that was only two years old.  Came to find out the best hardware he had was from 2014. Not knocking you personally, but there is a history here.

It's largely why the Sticky thread that tells you to read it before posting exists.


EDIT: Almost forgot. Just because you built it, doesn't mean there isn't bloat either. Some systems (Asus, MSI, I'm looking at you here.) have the UEFI configured to check if their software is installed in the OS, and will install it for you even during the OS install.

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3 minutes ago, Heafus said:

Welp okay, can see im not getting any help here. 



Not sure where you would get that idea. I'm happy to help. And based on the very limited information you have provided thus far, I've given you tips and pointed you in the right direction for the resources that can possibly resolve your issue.


You have been given much more assistance that you would receive almost anywhere else given the lack of information you've provided. All the information is factual. Even the sidebar about Kaspersky. You may feel that it was money well spent for a good AV product, but I can assure you that their history says otherwise.

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The truth is you sound tired and bitter. You've been here forever and have seen the same questions asked over and over. I can understand that.


You may not think so, but your first sentence set a negative tone to the rest of your replies. I asked the same question on a steam thread and got three answers, one of which mentioned resolution settings and solved my issue. 


I admit I rarely come here to the forums, so I apologize if I didn't bow and kiss the ring and ask the question the right way. Try and be a little friendlier, maybe more people will stick around and participate in this community. 

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It's up to YOU to provide the proper information so that moderators or other forum members can help you. "I'm playing on a 6 month old high end computer" tells me NOTHING about your setup, your install, or your settings. 


You may think you have provided enough information for us to go on to help you, but you have provided crumbs at best. There's a reason you were pointed to the sticky thread. They've helped tons of users here (including myself several times). They have a process for a reason - To cut straight to the chase and get you up and running quickly. They can't help you if you don't provide adequate info. 


I'm the owner of an IT Firm and narrowing down your issue based upon a six month old high end computer that you built yourself tells me that you either have a AMD or Intel processor of some varying performance level that could range from 2Ghz to 5.5Ghz. It tells me you might have 8GB -64GB of Ram most likely of varying speed that might have auto-clocking on or not. It tells me you have a video card ranging from 2GB of RAM to 11GB possibly with a range of cuda cores, and power needs. It tells me you have an NVME, M.2, Sata, or other HD of varying quality/performance. It tells me you installed the OS yourself, might have taken the drivers directly from the manufacturer or just let Windows do it for you. 


It tells me that you have not given nearly enough information other than to guess randomly at your issue. 


Stop wasting our time. Either provide the proper information so people can help diagnose your issue or go somewhere else to randomly post what you feel is needed to get a resolution. You were the one who ignored the polite request to read the sticky facts and refuse to post what is needed to quickly resolve your issue. Instead, you posted a snarky remark about how great your system is with useless info. Talk about sounding tired and bitter. Might want to look in a mirror buddy.

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7 hours ago, Heafus said:

You may not think so, but your first sentence set a negative tone to the rest of your replies.

No, this was an open warning that the software is invasive and harmful. That you should absolutely not be using it if you can help it at all. How they remain in business with multiple federal and international indictments is disgusting. The average consumer like yourself needs to know that critical information.

Yes it was negative, however the negativity was not directed at you.

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