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Greatly Enjoying a19


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I have over 5000 hours in 7days, closer to 6000 which is about 2 staff years, so yeah I like it.


My only thing is after about day 25 or so I sorta run out of stuff to do which makes me sad.

But I love starting over, and over, and trying many permutations like insane level and always run.


My only suggestion would be, besides some of the humorous things the traders say, there isn't much humor (except in multiplayer).

I would love to see, and it wouldn't take too much memory, that there be a 1 in 100 chance that instead of the dogs that come around in groups, a group of zombie pink poodles would come around. Or something similar. You see? ...A few things like that, or more rare items, might give me a reason to keep playing. A rare White Stag? A burro that brays at night and glows in the dark? I know it takes memory but if it only occurs very rarely....


thanks for a great game

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im upgrading to 19 as we .....type ?  finally built a PC that can runit over 40 frames LOL i know i know no that great , if you have any suggestion of hard upgrade that really make the most impact pray do tell im on linux using a amd 6 core ryzen 7 32 gig ram and 4 gig video redeon 550 . ro yeah mreo RAM bigger CPU or GPU or more  Vramm ?

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