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Upgrade the tools


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Hey guys!

I just launched a new 7dtd server with some friends in A19, and after a few tests I discovered something...
Iron tools are @%$*#! and even steel ones are not this great Oo

I explain myself with the example of collecting stone:

After some test, it happens that the number of resources collected do not change between stone axe, iron pickaxe and steel pickaxe. So the only difference can be make on the time to gather some stone.

With 10 strength, 5 miner 69'er and 5 mother lode : ~130 stone for a complete rock (3*400)
  - LVL 5 Stone axe : 20 seconds
  - LVL 5 Iron pickaxe : 16 seconds

  - LVL 4 Steel pickaxe : 10 seconds

This seems ok I guess? BUT, there's a huuuuuge difference, the stamina left after the rock is destroyed.
with the stone axe I still had some stamina, but with the iron and steel, I was at 0. In fact, without stamina issue, it's 12 seconds with Iron and I guess 8 with Steel.

The thing is, to perform a long session of farming, the stone axe seems almost better that the iron pickaxe! Because after the concerned rock, you can go on another one and gather while you have to recover with a real tool! 
The bigger difference is the durability, but with 1 stone the stone axe is repaired in an instant, whereas u need repair kit for the others. Considering the cost (50 forged iron / steel for lvl5 quality), I think it's not really valuable! + It cost some place in the inventory for every tool!

Yeah, there is SexualBomb... But it seems really too much according to me to have to invest 2/3 perk points (one isn't enough) to start having some use of the dedicated tools....

In fact, it would be ok if the pickaxe would give more ressources but it's not the case 😕

Thanks for reading :p

And 7dtd is a great game ❤️

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I agree and think there is a bit of tweaking needed to all loot/tiers... I didn't use numbers to prove, but here were my observations regarding tools before I died and deleted (playing hardcore) on my day 40 game... 


Sexual T-Rex was needed in order to use the steel tools, Sta drain was too great if not...


The RNG is a bit too overlapped - often you can get a higher tier next level tool and it didn't make sense to use it... I saw this when moving from Iron to Steel and Steel to power tools. I still preferred using steel pickaxe over the augers I created, because it was faster... 


Salvaging tools again too much overlap - My tier 6 wrench with no mods was far better than the ratchets I found and almost equaled the impact wrench - modded it was better than both. 

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I think it is done like this to incentivize using stamina buffs from drinks. You pop coffee and can go almost non stom with few points in sex t rex


I kinda like it because I remember when I started playing I really valued alcohol, because it meant: Yay I can use it to speed up my mining.


One thing, I think that block damage could perhaps not be a perk but instead bake it into item tiers

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