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Dedicated server crashing randomly


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I self-host a 7 Days to Die dedicated server (A19 b157) on a CentOS 7 Linux virtual machine hosted on Hyper-V. Every day or two, usually in the middle of the night, the server crashes for apparently no reason. Looking through the log files, the last lines are always these:


Obtained 23 stack frames.
#0  0x007fa32616b387 in (Unknown)
#1  0x007fa32616ca78 in (Unknown)
#2  0x007fa3238e873e in (Unknown)
#3  0x007fa3238e87ab in (Unknown)
#4  0x007fa3238eb6ab in (Unknown)
#5  0x007fa3238eba78 in (Unknown)
#6  0x007fa3238edd27 in (Unknown)
#7  0x007fa3238ef2d1 in (Unknown)
#8  0x00000041a34776 in (wrapper managed-to-native) System.GC:InternalCollect (int)
#9  0x0000004150fd70 in GameManager:Update ()
#10 0x007fa32370b389 in (Unknown)
#11 0x007fa323877167 in (Unknown)
#12 0x007fa323878014 in (Unknown)
#13 0x00564245d54ea4 in (Unknown)
#14 0x00564245d50fd1 in (Unknown)
#15 0x00564245d302cf in (Unknown)
#16 0x00564245ac75da in (Unknown)
#17 0x00564245c318ea in (Unknown)
#18 0x00564245c319a8 in (Unknown)
#19 0x00564245c34ef0 in (Unknown)
#20 0x0056424551cc49 in (Unknown)
#21 0x007fa326157555 in (Unknown)
#22 0x0056424552c363 in (Unknown)

I can't see any pattern in what's before those lines. The hexadecimal codes are always the same. Some times players are logged on when it happens, others there's nobody on. 


Server was configured using LGSM and is running Alloc's mods (June 30th version of Server Fixes).


Looking at older log files this seems to have only started happening with A19, both b154 and b157. I just want to check with the community whether this is something that's known or if it's something worthy of submitting a bug report for A19. 


Here are links to a few of the log files:




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Max players is almost double what is considered stable for most hardware. It's well past what is supported. Also note that if you don't have the game save running on a couple of SSD's in RAID-0 or a NVMe drive, you're going to have issues.


Aside from that, it seems that it's probably a memory allocation issue, or the pagefile is too small.


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Storage is NVMe and number of concurrent players is generally very low when it crashes, sometimes there's nobody on at all. Thanks for your input though, I'll do more testing and watch the hypervisor logs to see if there's anything strange there. 

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