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Help Please! Ty! Trying to change spears over to a power attack instead of a throw.

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Trying to change the right click function from a throw to a melee power attack. I need either advice on how to do it best or an explanation as to why what I have doesn't work. I'm very much a monkey messing around but i'm making a modlet finally because I'm tired of making the same changes to server files directly every update or when I start a new 7dtd server.


    <!-- Changes Spear from thrown to power Attack. -->
    <set xpath="/items/item[@name='meleeWpnSpearT0StoneSpear']/property[@name='HoldType']/@value">18</set>
    <remove xpath="/items/item[@name='meleeWpnSpearT0StoneSpear']/property[@class='Action1']" />
    <remove xpath="/items/item[@name='meleeWpnSpearT0StoneSpear']/effect_group[@name='Throw']" />
    <insertAfter xpath="/items/item[@name='meleeWpnSpearT0StoneSpear']/effect_group[@class='Action0']" >
    <property class="Action1">
        <property name="Class" value="DynamicMelee"/>
        <property name="Sound_start" value="swoosh"/>
        <property name="Sphere" value="0.15"/>
        <property name="ToolCategory.harvestingTools" value=".5" param1="1"/>
        <property name="UsePowerAttackAnimation" value="true"/>
        <property name="UseGrazingHits" value="true"/>
        <property name="GrazeStart" value=".25"/>
        <property name="GrazeEnd" value=".32"/>
        <property name="SwingDegrees" value="10"/>
        <property name="SwingAngle" value="20"/>
        <property class="HitSounds">
            <property name="Override0" value="organic" param1="metalstaborganic"/>
        <property class="GrazeSounds">
            <property name="Override0" value="organic" param1="metalgrazeorganic"/>
    <insertAfter xpath="/items/item[@name='meleeWpnSpearT0StoneSpear']/effect_group[@name='meleeWpnSpearT0StoneSpear']" >
    <effect_group name="Power Attack">
        <passive_effect name="EntityDamage" operation="perc_add" value="1.35" tags="secondary"/>
        <passive_effect name="GrazeDamageMultiplier" operation="base_set" value=".1" tags="secondary"/>
        <passive_effect name="BlockDamage" operation="perc_add" value="1.25" tags="secondary"/>
        <passive_effect name="StaminaLoss" operation="base_set" value="34.7" tags="secondary"/>
        <passive_effect name="DismemberChance" operation="base_add" value=".3" tags="secondary"/>

Currently what's there just tosses a bunch of errors. After a bit i'm thinking if I remove the spear and append a new one and change the t2 and t3 spears to extend from the new one that would work. Please let me know any ideas,comments, etc!

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