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Super Aircraft Carrier POI A20


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14 hours ago, Evil_Geoff said:

Nope.  That's an in-game screenshot.



I've only ever encountered that in the world editor but i have a theory of what it might be. i used an excessive amount of adaptive terrain covering much of the carrier to make it easier to place on uneven terrain when manually placed so it would look a bit more natural.  You could try settings <property name="AllowTopSoilDecorations" value="True" /> to false and reset the regions, that might fix it if the game is just being wonky with biome decorations on terrain blocks that should be air.

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Thanks for the reply and idea for a fix.  Because the current game is for map testing I deleted the save, and started over.  No issues with floaters, this time.  I think the region save(s) were borked.  👍


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Thank you, yeah no chance it will stand up to the real deal, there isn't a complete visual record of the interior online for obvious reasons so i had to extrapolate on most of the interior. Also things like tanks onboard while from what i could find online that would be technically possible, but it would be a waste of the ship space so doesn't really happen in the real world. Truthfully the interior is massive and i need things to fill it with haha😂

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