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PS4 Land Claim Block Not Working

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Hello People, I'm completely stuck and not finding any help anywhere online. 


So I placed my land claim block in my base. Put 1 in each corner and 1 on both sides as long wall. 6 in total. 

I let a random person hide in my base at night from the zombies. He was able to place a bed...


Thought maybe there a missing gap in middle.

So I went upstairs and placed another in the room above him. 


Asked the random player to build himself a small room.  ( wanted to test it out ) 

He managed to do so....


Later that day another random managed to build blocks OVER my  base building his blocks within 3 bloxks of my land claim block to raid upstairs. He Destroyed a metal door with a stone club and raided upstairs.... I shot him dead. But it's very clear that my land claim blocks are not working. 


ALL have full strength. 


What's going on.


Please people who are playing on playstation 4 please comment. 

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Wasn't it always that you could only have ONE land claim block active, specifically the last one you place? The same with bedrolls, only the last one is active.


I may be totally wrong because not a console player, but I did play A15 once and that version is very similar to the console game.


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If you have someone at hand for a test, first remove all your land claim blocks (LCBs), then

1) set down exactly one LCB. Let the other player try to build something near it. If he can there is a bug or the server disabled LCBs or ...

2) set down another LCB 50 meters away. Let the other player try to build near both LCBs. Depending on outcome you should know now what the rule for LCBs is.




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