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A19 Map Generation broken - World's end


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Just started a A19 server fresh and while exploring noticed that the world just drops off to the north. Is there any command to regenerate this area or move a chunk of our current map to a new one without the bug?


No worries we just started a new map. Thanks



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My world did the exact same thing. Mine is an 8k map. 


    <property name="GameWorld"                        value="RWG"/>          
    <property name="WorldGenSeed"                    value="HumanitiesEdgeKnife123"/>              
    <property name="WorldGenSize"                    value="8192"/>              
    <property name="GameName"                        value="HumanitiesEdgeknife123"/>            
    <property name="GameMode"                        value="GameModeSurvival"/>  


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