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  1. Still happens constantly. I have a GTX2070 super... bought just for this game to improve FPS. Sigh.
  2. Sorry I was unable to look at the forums for a bit. We had to evacuate due to the fires on the West Coast. Thankfully we were able to come back home and nothing was burned down. Good idea's. Because my goal is to keep this a server side only mod, there are many limitations. My biggest issue is the times when Jen vanishes. I have noticed that she will appear if you leave the chunk. She is actually a deer to make her not invulnerable and the walking animation worked with that. I need to figure out how to add her voice. She can make other sounds but Jen voice so far has been a no go. I will keep working on her. @hsngrms Sounds good. I am all about people having an idea and making their vision. I will check it out.
  3. @doughphunghus hehe. The grief would be too harsh I think. The other issue is trying to make mods that don't require new binary files. I want to keep my mods pure modlets that don't require clients to download a copy of their own. With that limitation there is only so much I can do. I am pretty new to this and spent a ton of time on trial and error getting her to do as much as she does now.
  4. @Dre So that is the spawning point for her. After a few seconds she should have appeared. I have noticed that if you place her near a wall there can be an issue sometimes. But that plate is normal and required due to the way the spawner block works. @tourist @Tourist The intent was that she had to be protected and her own AI. Having her wander around without being able to control was part balancing the risk/reward of the block. I could look into adding the ability to pick her up but that will mostly remove the risk.
  5. I had this happen a couple of times in A18 but then it went away. A19 worked well for me until it went stable. Now I have this problem ALL of the time. During A19 I have had the same settings and hardware. Nothing has changed except this issue cropping up.
  6. I have been watching several streamers it appears that trader Jen is the most loved trader in the game. It prompted me to write this modlet. It does not require additional resource files so it is safe to use on a server without everyone downloading their own copy of the mod. When your survivor becomes a master at advanced engineering, you can now craft your own JenDroid! It requires a reasonable amount of materials and is geared towards mid to late game. She walks around your base and if your within 3 blocks of her she will increase your healing rate. She also can reduce the time for sprained or broken limbs by around 1/2. Nothing too over powerful but a fun little addition. I plan on having droid versions of the other traders as I move forward. "Warning... JenDroid has desires to wander the world and see new things. Handle this as you will." https://github.com/DayhawkSilverstar/7DaysToDieMods/tree/master/ I hope you all have fun and let me know if you find any issues.
  7. My world did the exact same thing. Mine is an 8k map. <property name="GameWorld" value="RWG"/> <property name="WorldGenSeed" value="HumanitiesEdgeKnife123"/> <property name="WorldGenSize" value="8192"/> <property name="GameName" value="HumanitiesEdgeknife123"/> <property name="GameMode" value="GameModeSurvival"/>
  8. Math is not hard, writing is hard when your not paying attention. That's what I get trying to type something during my break and not proof reading it. But thanks for pointing out my obvious mistake that anyone can see I made. 30 hours per dollar... better?
  9. Amazing amount of work!!! Thank you very much.
  10. It was unclear that having multiple seats was just a thought when watching the video. I guess that should have been given as that was not actually demonstrated. But it was a feature that many people on our server were excited about. I guess trying to get multiplayer in sync is an issue with the jeep. But unlike Empyrion where you WANT to walk around a vehicle is moving, there is no sense of that in this game. But they have it working in their game and I can't imagine they have different issues since both games use Unity. I just don't believe that the funpimps software people are not at least as good as the Empyrion team. You can do it! We have faith in you all.
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