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ZQLxNavObjects (Alpha19) - Removes On-Screen Sprites


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ZQLxNavObjects is a Quality of Life modlet that disables the new on-screen sprite system introduced in A19. Intended for those that find such features immersion breaking and to gamey...or simply doesn't like it. For the record, I like it.


It only removes the on-screen icons, the map and compass icons will still work as normal, so you will find that spear or that quest. Does not remove the treasure ring.



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I noticed that Wookie also created a modlet for this purpose. There is a difference in how these modlets work. My modlet kills the window in the UI that these sprites operate on effectively killing ALL the sprites in one swoop. Wookie's modlet kills the individual sprites and as such gives you the option to enable some of the sprites manually should you wish to do so.


If you want to play with some of the functions then my modlet will not allow you to do that and you should then use Wookie's modlet instead and then adapt if to fit your purpose.

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