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MOD Request Battle Royal


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I would like to see a mod for Battle Royal that is a a pre-made map the was made with performance in mind to get the most player size of course.  The zombie spawn should stay light and less zombie POI spawns.  But the main feature for the Mod is going to the the ring of destruction closing in on the players.  A zombie hoard so thick and choked out by clouds of dust that would reach high in the sky.  At first I was thinking of just lots of zombies spawning in over time.  But that would be taxing.  So can we make a biome that actively moves.  Then we can add decal/blocks/particles for that biome change where the zombie hoard ring is a block type entity that can damage players like cactus does.    I think type of MOD would be huge but will shine strongest after the final release of 7DTD. 

Hopes someone runs with this idea.

Also I would like to see options of disabling the crafting and lowering the damage down to blocks by a lot.  Also the loot tables should be refocused to more weapon and things that would help in PVP.  The focus of this type of mod should be looting and PVP.

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