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  1. You should add that information to the map loading screen.
  2. TFP will tell you at stable release.
  3. That can take anywhere from5 to 30 minutes or longer depending on you PC.
  4. OK, another question. Are there pickaxes in this mod? I leveled up Miner 69er skill but realized I haven't seen any pickaxes nor recipe for one so I might have wasted some skill points. I couldn't find the information for it myself. So we have to mine ore with regular axes?
  5. Do I need to feed the horse and if so how do I find it food? I just got the horse and seen a refuel on the horse but not sure if that does anything.
  6. I got a new issue that just came up. My game was working for months on end and recently when I entered my saved game my character is now a lvl 1 new character and the map is totally unexplored, but the day is the exact same as when I last saved it. I ditched the mod manager and manually installed the mod to my base 7dtd game and still the issue continues. Unless someone knows this issue and how to fix it I am thinking I am just going to wait for next alpha release.
  7. minisith

    True Survival

    I got an idea for the new players. Find a big base and find the owner, tell them that you can set up an outpost on the opposite side of the map if they pack you with a minibike, armor, weapons, and material for a small 9x9 outpost base. Party up with them and they can have a loot resource outpost to go to if they are looking for something you can only get looting. You have to play differently on a server than single player but it can help with testing and finding more bugs this way.
  8. minisith

    True Survival

    When the server is dead is dead and first time on server is hoard nite, no thanks. I don't have time to be on alot for multiplayer and I enjoy the build up to hoard night. But since I enjoy this mod I'll be on the server a little till single player come out for this mod. I was playing vanilla, but it is not as fun as this mod.
  9. minisith

    True Survival

    Thank you! I could not find my ID....
  10. minisith

    True Survival

    Spider, I started on the server with no starting items and no quests! I need my profile reset. Steam ID is STEAM_0:0:8027573
  11. minisith

    True Survival

    I was on SP. Missed the part that I had to be on a server.
  12. minisith

    True Survival

    I removed the whole 7dtd game and installed the files off of sphereii's post and still no classes nor quests nor mod recipes....
  13. minisith

    True Survival

    I am getting a NullRef: Object ref not set to an instance of an object. I am not getting the starting classes and I can not find any mod recipes.
  14. minisith

    True Survival

    On your "Download MOD Launcher" link the page will not load up.
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