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6 slot forge input help


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I can get it to show the 6 slot but only 3 of the slot are counting down.

one is counting up and 2 arent smelting and they are for the placeholder value of brass and lead.




Here is what i have code wise


    <append xpath="/windows">
        <!-- Extra Forge Input -->
        <window name="AstryaelwindowForgeInput" width="300" height="279" panel="Right"        
            controller="WorkstationMaterialInputWindow" materials_accepted="iron,brass,lead,glass,stone,clay" valid_materials_color="[green]" invalid_materials_color="[red]" cursor_area="true" >

            <panel style="header.panel">
                <sprite style="header.icon" sprite="ui_game_symbol_forge"/>
                <label style="header.name" text="INPUT" text_key="xuiSmelting" />

            <sprite depth="2" name="backgroundMain" sprite="menu_empty3px" pos="0,-46" height="228" color="[black]" type="sliced" fillcenter="false" on_press="true" />
            <rect name="content" depth="2" pos="0,-46" height="223">

                <grid depth="7" rows="3" cols="2" pos="3,-3" cell_width="75" cell_height="75" controller="WorkstationMaterialInputGrid" repeat_content="true">
                    <item_stack name="0"/>


            <rect name="content2" depth="0" pos="151, -49" width="147" height="223">
                <sprite depth="1" color="[mediumGrey]" type="sliced" on_press="true"/>
                <grid rows="9" cols="1" pos="9,-12" cell_width="147" cell_height="34"  repeat_content="true">
                    <forge_material name="0"/>

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