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Laokia's Modlets {WIP}


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Unfortunately I have very scattered bits of time right now. I'm posting this now as a framework so I can edit it whenever I get the chance. 

Sorry about that! I'll try to get actual links up ASAP, and work on longer, better, descriptions for each mod as well.

I also have not yet reached out the the creators of the mentioned edited modlets; I'll get around to it. ^-^'






Quest Tweaks - Adds skillpoint rewards for quests. (Various versions.)

>> Link to old thread


Rare Quests - Adds rarer, more difficult, challenge quests.

     [link]     Standalone Vanilla Version

     [link]     Standalone (w/ Skill Point) Version 

     [link]     Quest Tweaks Addon (Skill Book Version)

     [link]     Quest Tweaks Addon (Skill Point Version)


Skillbook Scraps - Schematics/Recipes/Books/etc. scrap to skillbook scraps. (Get 3 per scrap, need 100 for a skillpoint.)


Block Tweaks - Increases resource harvest from certain blocks, harvest wood logs, and added some downgrade paths to blocks.


Craftable Defenses - Adds steel bars upgrade & allows barbed wire sheets and log spikes to be crafted.


POI Tweaks - Fixes carpet & paper roll harvesting in various POIs. (Both Vanilla & Compo pack versions.)



All my modlets include a README.txt file that gives details about the modlet as well as instructions/warnings for installation.


Quest Tweaks

>> Link to original thread <<

I don't think anything with the mod itself has changed. However I'll migrate the information to this once I am able.


Rare Quests

- Adds various new insane-level quests

- They are found in the same places as the vanilla quests, but much more rarely

- Rewards are scaled up in relation to the difficulty and rarity

- Has a standalone (vanilla-style) version & a version for use with my Quest Tweaks mod


Added Quests:


Standalone Vanilla Rewards - EXP: 1000 || Dukes: 700 - Based on Vanilla values (500/350)

Standalone w/ Skillpoint Rewards - EXP: 1000 || Dukes: 700 || + 1 Skill Point

Quest Tweaks Addon Rewards - EXP: 4000 || Dukes: 1800 || + Chosen Reward


== "Super Hard" ==

Feral Fight - Kill feral male zombies

Femme Fatal - Kill feral female zombies

Hard Headed - Kill feral & radiated armored zombies

More to Love - Kill feral & radiated "fat" zombies

Just Keep Swinging - Kill feral Lumberjacks w/ a Fireaxe

Arachnophobia - Kill feral & radiated spider zombies

Hunter Becomes Hunted - Kill predatory animals

Pick it Clean - Kill normal & radiated vultures

Who Let the Dogs Out - Kill canines (dogs, wolves, coyotes)


== "Super Insane" ==

Cop and Attitude - Kill normal, feral, & radiated zombie cops

Wight is Right - Kill normal & radiated feral wights

Demo Team - Kill demolisher zombies

Rad Party - Kill radiated male zombies

It's a Rave - Kill radiated female zombies

Shut Your Mouth - Kill radiated screamer zombies

You're A Legend - Kill legendary/boss zombies

UnBEARable - Kill regular & zombie bears



These are not modlets created by myself, however I have tweaked each of them to suit my game and needs. I will not be posting these edited files unless I get permission from the original mod creators. I don't feel that any of the alterations are massive enough to call my own.


Claymore Varied Enemy XP Minor edits to XP amounts.
JaxTeller718 Nest/Trash Destroy on Loot Added chance to get normally harvested materials in the loot & changed some containers to use a custom lootlist to prevent being destroyed (like trash cans).
War3zuk/Tallon Find the Trader Removed some changes made to Trader restocking and business hours.
Atlas More Vanilla Food Removed some food, changed values and buffs for others.
Stallionsden Stack Size Increased Minor edits to stack size values.
Tritox Origin UI Edited & combined elements with SMX HUD. Customized various parts.
Sirillion SMX HUD Edited & combined elements with Origin UI. Customized various parts.
Red Eagle LXIX Server Options Minor edits to option values, added Daylight Length options.



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Definitely interested in taking a look at your "Rare Quests" modlet, but it doesn't appear that you have any "actual links up", as you stated earlier. Feel free to PM me with details. Good luck getting all of the authors above to give permissions. ;)

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