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  1. I'm loving A19 so far, amazing work by your team. Seeing the new zombie textures on twitter and even in some gameplay from the dev streams, I was not exactly sure about them. They look great, but seemed a tad out of place in the world (and probably due to familiarity with the old designs). Playing with them for myself though I don't get the same feeling and I have already grown more accustomed to them. Once the physics stuff the team was talking about is implemented I bet they'll be even more amazing so I'm looking forward to that down the line! Thank you guys so much for all the work you put into this game! And for still bothering to interact with the community. I hope you guys hear 'thank you' enough to maybe make up a bit for all the 'make the game exactly what I want' and 'update console'. I'm excited to see YOUR vision of the game come to completion and until it does you guys have still provided a great game to play, and I have had many more hours of enjoyment than I paid for. I appreciate it!
  2. So I thought I would chime in and say thank you to TFP for having these streamer weekends. Am I a streamer? Not yet, maybe one day. Do I watch the streams? Naw, I want to see/play it fresh (I will go back and watch some streams after I get to play if they are available.) Does it change my life in any way? Not really. But I still enjoy them, and personally it makes me happy. What does it do? - Provides cost efficient marketing for a game that I would love to see more people play. - Generates hype for a few days before release (even not watching, you'll still likely see the streams in recommended). - Allows for a final bug-test (of sorts) before the public release. BELOW ARE JUST MY OPINIONS I dunno. If they did not have the streamer weekend very little changes for those who don't qualify. You get the game at public release. The only difference is that you wouldn't see early streams in your recommend sections (and/or wouldn't know that a handful of people that aren't you were playing it). If the streamer weekend didn't exist would that be better? For who? Yourself? Your friends? Does you or someone you know not qualifying to provide marketing services for 7Days make it... wrong? Bad? If you qualified (and/or everyone you knew also qualified) would it be a great thing? It's not a reward, its a (volunteer) job. Just because you want that job does not make it a reward... If you ate at -insertfoodchain- every day and they suddenly had a job opening, that you didn't qualify for, and they rejected your application... (Note that those places also often have certain perks for being an employee other than just a salary. So if you want to consider playing the game a few days early a perk, the analogy can still be relevant.) Sure it might feel like a slap in the face, that sorta thing does hurt- and I don't think it's selfish at all to feel that way. I mean, you can really come to know the people there and even feel like family. But I think it is selfish to not take the time to put those feelings into perspective, and then complain and lash out because of it. It's not about you and does not even represent the personal feelings of those involved. There IS a reason why you should separate business from personal matters after all. It is pretty rude of me to post my opinions publicly like this while not intending to keep up with potential responses to it. There's way too many things going on right now that are far more important than this.
  3. The Biome "layout" is always the same, just sometimes rotated. It is based on a pre-made biome layout image (not sure the file path); you may be able to alter the biome image (which is in grayscale) to define your own biome layout if you can access the image-mapping-file it is drawn from. In Alpha 18, the seed only changes the rotation and the generated terrain (hills, mountains, rivers, ponds, trees, roads) and the generated POIs/Cities.
  4. Thank you so much for your service! Happy late Memorial Day!

  5. @Magoli The prefab xcostum_Bavarian_Bowse_Shop(by_magoli) does not seem to have a rally marker for quests. I've edited the prefab myself to have one so I can complete my trader quest and I will keep my eyes out for any others that may have similar issues.
  6. {WIP} THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS {WIP} Unfortunately I have very scattered bits of time right now. I'm posting this now as a framework so I can edit it whenever I get the chance. Sorry about that! I'll try to get actual links up ASAP, and work on longer, better, descriptions for each mod as well. I also have not yet reached out the the creators of the mentioned edited modlets; I'll get around to it. ^-^' LAOKIA'S MODLETS (A18) MODLET DOWNLOADS Quest Tweaks - Adds skillpoint rewards for quests. (Various versions.) >> Link to old thread Rare Quests - Adds rarer, more difficult, challenge quests. [link] Standalone Vanilla Version [link] Standalone (w/ Skill Point) Version [link] Quest Tweaks Addon (Skill Book Version) [link] Quest Tweaks Addon (Skill Point Version) Skillbook Scraps - Schematics/Recipes/Books/etc. scrap to skillbook scraps. (Get 3 per scrap, need 100 for a skillpoint.) Block Tweaks - Increases resource harvest from certain blocks, harvest wood logs, and added some downgrade paths to blocks. Craftable Defenses - Adds steel bars upgrade & allows barbed wire sheets and log spikes to be crafted. POI Tweaks - Fixes carpet & paper roll harvesting in various POIs. (Both Vanilla & Compo pack versions.) MODLET DETAILS All my modlets include a README.txt file that gives details about the modlet as well as instructions/warnings for installation. Quest Tweaks >> Link to original thread << I don't think anything with the mod itself has changed. However I'll migrate the information to this once I am able. Rare Quests - Adds various new insane-level quests - They are found in the same places as the vanilla quests, but much more rarely - Rewards are scaled up in relation to the difficulty and rarity - Has a standalone (vanilla-style) version & a version for use with my Quest Tweaks mod Added Quests: EDITED MODLETS These are not modlets created by myself, however I have tweaked each of them to suit my game and needs. I will not be posting these edited files unless I get permission from the original mod creators. I don't feel that any of the alterations are massive enough to call my own. Claymore Varied Enemy XP Minor edits to XP amounts. JaxTeller718 Nest/Trash Destroy on Loot Added chance to get normally harvested materials in the loot & changed some containers to use a custom lootlist to prevent being destroyed (like trash cans). War3zuk/Tallon Find the Trader Removed some changes made to Trader restocking and business hours. Atlas More Vanilla Food Removed some food, changed values and buffs for others. Stallionsden Stack Size Increased Minor edits to stack size values. Tritox Origin UI Edited & combined elements with SMX HUD. Customized various parts. Sirillion SMX HUD Edited & combined elements with Origin UI. Customized various parts. Red Eagle LXIX Server Options Minor edits to option values, added Daylight Length options.
  7. In the main menu select 'Options' and then 'Player Profile' and you will be able to select a pre-made character, or click 'Create' at the bottom to make a new custom character.
  8. An update: The only thing in my mods that was affected by the alpha 18.3 b4 stable release was the Localization files. I have updated those, and changing them should have no affect on save game data, thankfully. Sorry that I have not been able to take the time to sort out this thread or anything like that. Remember to back up your save data before updating these mods (or any mods really)! If an error occurs when using one of these mod versions, try to just copy the Localization.txt files from the appropriate version and just replace them in the version of the mod you were previously running. I may have made an update that I failed to actually release due to craziness but if so the Localization file is all that needs to be changed anyway so you should be good if you only use that (and backup before trying to update). Quest Tweaks - Common Skill Book Version ( + ) Rare Quests Addon Quest Tweaks - Rarer Skill Book Version ( + ) Rare Quests Addon Quest Tweaks - Common Skill Point Version ( + ) Rare Quests Addon Quest Tweaks - Rarer Skill Point Version ( + ) Rare Quests Addon
  9. It would be a neat feature to have some sort of attack mode (or right-click mode) toggle. Other than toggling spears between throw/jab, it could be used on other things. Such as building tools to toggle between build and attack mode. Or possibly just have a key that performs an alternate action than the mouse; this could be used to perform a melee bash with a firearm for instance. I dunno, your post just spurred some random thoughts. Since I'm here, I want to just throw in a thank you to TFP. The care and dedication put into 7 days is amazing, and is a large part why I love the game. Alpha 18 is great and I'm just looking forward to whatever you guys bring. Thank you!
  10. With everything working correctly, the skill points tend to be a bit more common a reward choice than I would like (at least for players with adventurer Lvl 3, which is not difficult to get). I feel that this ends up making things too unbalanced as then players could just focus on perking into adventurer and would more often than not get skill points for completing any quest. To remedy this and balance it out a bit more, I made alternate versions of the mod (both a skill book version and a direct skill point version) that spread out the reward offers to result in the skills being a bit rarer. With the new revision, a single point in Adventurer will have a 1-in-9 chance to have a skill point offered. That would increase to 2/9 for level 2 and 3/9 for level 3. Previously it was a 1-in-4 or 1-in-5 chance. Unfortunately the method I used to do this involved changing the vanilla game offered rewards a bit. The changes are not too drastic, but some reward choices will no longer show up with zero points into the adventurer perk. I could have done this a different way, but that would have resulted in possibly getting offered 2 or more choices of items from the same loot pool. If anyone wants it, I can make that second option- it would mean that the no-perk vanilla options would remain the same but that you might get offered more than one of the same thing. I can also make a version in which the skill point rewards are even rarer should anyone want that. Rarer Skill Books Version Main Mod Rare Challenge Quests Addon Rarer Skill Points Version Main Mod Rare Challenge Quests Addon
  11. Sorry I wasn't able to do this yesterday. The health issues at the moment are caused by allergies, the swelling of my sinuses is insane right now. Yesterday was extra bad due to a front coming through. Luckily it's better today (only my ears seem to be swollen, don't need hearing to mess with code, lol) so I was able to whip all this up and test it. Everything seems to be working well. I made a few different versions... I wish messing with the quests didn't screw up the character files, but alas. Thanks for your patience, and I hope you have a great weekend as well! Also a great holiday since that's coming up (or possibly already here depending on what/if you celebrate). Fast Tier Levelling Mod Addon Tool This just updates the localization files to be inline with the A18.2 change that combined the quest localizations with the main localization file. This will work with A18.2 with or without any of my mods. Simple A18.2 Upgrade Versions: Main Mod Challenge Quest Only Mod Version Rare Challenge Quests Mod Addon These are only recommended for those who wish to continue their A18.1 or earlier saves that used these mods to A18.2. They only change the localization files and remove the now-redundant 'Kill the Wabbit' quest tweaks. Should be safe, but backup all character saves first. You may need to remove any 'Kill the Wabbit' quest entries from players' quest logs. If you plan to do a full restart OR if you don't mind manually removing all quest log entries, then I would recommend using one of the new version options. They remove the now-redundant fixes for quest rewards not shuffling properly and in general seem to work much better with much cleaner code. Fully Updated Mod for A18.2 Stable - Skill Book Quest Version Main Mod Challenge Quest Only Version Rare Challenge Quests Addon This version of the mod is fully updated to work with alpha 18.2 stable. All the relevant vanilla game fixes and changes have been accounted for and the mod has been reworked back inline with my original vision. This version adds a reward option to get one or more Skill Book items, which can be read to obtain a Skill Point from an auto-completing quest. The amount of books given has a chance to vary from higher tier/difficulty quests (up to a max of 3 books). This is unlike the direct skill point version, which gives a set number. The result is that with this version you may get more points from lower tier quests, but you may also get less points from higher tier ones, based on RNG. Also unlike direct skill points, the books can be stored or given to other players. Fully Updated Mod for A18.2 Stable - Direct Skill Points Version Main Mod Challenge Quest Only Version Rare Challenge Quests Addon This version of the mod is fully updated to work with alpha 18.2 stable. All the relevant vanilla game fixes and changes have been accounted for and the mod has been reworked back inline with my original vision. This version adds a reward option to get 1 or more Skill Points directly to the player. The amount of skill points offered will depend upon the tier/difficulty of the quest, with the higher tier quests giving a max of 3 skill points. This is unlike the skill book version, which can give a varied amount based upon RNG. The result is that with this version you will always get the set amount for the tier you are doing, and higher amounts start being given at higher tiers than the book version.
  12. @Reytag: Thanks for mentioning this! I had not been online for this past week so I missed the update drop entirely. It seems like there may be a few changes to quest-related things so it might take a little time to figure out what all I need to edit. Plus I want to try to make sure that I won't be breaking any saves, lol. I wish I could say I'd have it done tonight but I'm actually not feeling well (it is causing my vision to blur pretty bad which is impacting my ability to read/type). I will definitely have an update out within the next few days and might even have it tonight but with how much trouble I'm having I don't want to make mistakes by trying to rush it. I am pretty excited about this fix in the notes: Granted that means that I will have to test that it is working with the mod edits and will most likely have to again have two versions to make sure I won't be breaking anything. They also mentioned changing the 'Kill the Wabbit' quest to work with the double barrel shotgun so my tweak that changed that is no longer needed, but I do not know how removing it will affect things. I will work on it and will post again once I get a tested, working update ready. I'm sorry it has taken me so long to get to this and that it might be a couple days before I can finish the edits.
  13. @KinaUndead: Ah, I will check that. I did do a dumb and 'fixed' the tier completion quests (which also had the 6th 'choice' problem) but I should have left those alone. I'm going to release that as an optional add-on I think, because losing the progress on the tiers actually does lose something more than just the visual loss of quest log entries. *derp* Alright, just checked without my tier edits and... *headdesk* Oh. I had assumed that the tier completion quests themselves would be what the current tier level would be based on. Unfortunately it seems that the tier is based on the number of completed quests from the previous tier rather than just the completion quest being based on that. So removing the tier quests does reset the tier which... is pretty frustrating. I suppose making that addon is pointless then. I have tried to make a workaround to this, and other than just not messing with the trader quests at all I haven't been able to come up with a solution. I will make a challenge quest only version available though. I'm sorry, I wish I could make this seamless. I created an add-on mod that adds some auto completing tier quests. This won't solve the problem, but you can use it to get everyone back up to the appropriate progress level fairly easily. Have EpicSpire's mod off until everyone gets back to their levels, then add it back in. The auto quests do not give any rewards, but the players will still get the item/dukes/exp for the tier completion quests, just not EpicSpire's added skill points. I guess you could call it compensation for the trouble....? Heh... A server admin has a few options for accessing these quests. Option 1: They can spawn in the added 'Trader Auto' and talk to him to get and turn-in the quests. Option 2: They can spawn in (or use the creative menu to access) items which will give the quests. Option 3: They can use the givequest command, but I believe this would have to be done per player. NOTE: If you spawn the trader, you will have to remove him from the mod to get rid of him. Just delete the npc.xml, entityclasses.xml, and dialogs.xml files from the modlet. This will cause an error the first time, but the game will just deal with it by not spawning him in. The items.xml can also be safely deleted once you are done with it, but you will need to keep the quests.xml to keep the tier quest entries. [table=width: 500] [tr] [td]Item Codes: qt_tier1auto qt_tier2auto qt_tier3auto qt_tier4auto qt_tier5auto[/td] [td]Item Names: Tier 1 Auto Quest Tier 2 Auto Quest Tier 3 Auto Quest Tier 4 Auto Quest Tier 5 Auto Quest[/td] [td]Quest IDs: tier1_auto tier2_auto tier3_auto tier4_auto tier5_auto[/td] [/tr] [/table] Here is the addon. I will also put it on the OP and link to the directions here. Oh, and here is the challenge quest only version if you'd prefer to use that. @Reytag: Sorry, I worded that poorly. It was pretty late by time I got it posted. The rewards shuffling is an issue with my original mod and the vanilla game, but my new mod, the Nov 17 one, does fix this issue. Unfortunately that means it changes more than my original version so is more likely to be broken if a new game update comes out. It should be alright as long as you keep backups of the server save files. I won't make any changes to the mod that would end up breaking it, at least not without pushing the changes to a new version like I have done with this update. I uploaded a very slightly modified version just now. Sorry for taking so long to reply, I should have just responded to you and then double-posted to get everything else out that involved testing. x-x As a somewhat unrelated note, I figured since I was making addons and alternate versions I might as well release the companion mod I made a while back. I was going to create an actual all-in-one modlet thread before uploading it, but since I made a version to go with this mod I don't see the harm in putting it out as an addon. Rare Challenge Quests Addon This just adds in a handful of new challenge quests. They are all more difficult than the vanilla quests (spawning ferals and radiateds and whatnot). They are also- or they should be- pretty rare. I added them into a separate loot group that is called from the normal challenge quest lootgroup, so there is a 1-in-21 chance to pull one of the added rare quests. Since this version was designed around the Quest Tweaks, all the rewards are in line with those in the main mod. New update for V2 mod. The 'That'll Do Pig' and 'Stag Party' quests were the only two that did not have tweaked rewards and my OCD couldn't handle it. If you have upgraded to V2 and since done either of those quests, you may need to remove those two from your quest log. ! WARNING ! Updating from the old version of the mod to V2 will require another quest log wipe on existing games. I'm so sorry about that. The old version works, however the Skill Points will only show as an option on challenge quests and only if you have Adventurer level 3. If you do have the appropriate level, the skill points will always be offered as the fifth reward in the old version. INSTRUCTIONS TO UPGRADE: - Keep the old version installed. - Login to your saved game - Remove all quest entries (manually, sadly, see here) ---- Remember which trader quest tier you were on (tier complete in quest log) - Save and Exit the game - Replace the old mod with the new one - Return to the game, quest tier progress will be reset ---- Use the trader tier auto quest addon to regain your tier progress
  14. Note: This mod does NOT conflict with SMX New Mod Version Available I have uploaded a new version of the mod. I had to rework pretty much everything in the mod to get it working as intended. I spent a while testing the trader reward offers and there seems to be a bug at the moment that causes the rewards they offer to not shuffle (which it states in the xml files should happen). This was causing not only my modded skill points to not be offered, but also the 6th official-vanilla option to not be offered. With the update to my mod, I also changed the official-vanilla reward offers so that the 6th reward would be included in the top five offered rewards. In order to make the skill points NOT be a sure thing for players with Adventurer level 3 and make it just be a chance of being offered, I had to create an item to give the skill points. I tried to make the item directly give the points, but I couldn't quite figure that one out, so instead I made it give an auto-complete quest that awards a skill point. This means that you can technically trade skill points with other players should you want to, not something I had intended but I'm not opposed to it either.
  15. KinaUndead, I'm sorry for not noticing your posts. For some reason I am not receiving any email notifications about thread replies even though I have everything set up for that, even so far as having the 7 days forums in my contacts. Not sure what is going on with that. I've even had a few PMs that I haven't gotten an email notice for, while others I have gotten the notice. This does work with the current version of the game. I always check and so far nothing in the code has changed to require any updates to the mod files. That is odd that the option for skill points has not shown up... I will test with the full set of SMX mods and will also complete several quests with the adventurer upgrades to see if there's anything going on that I didn't account for. It has been working during my gameplay but... I will definitely look into it. And if it does conflict with SMX (which it shouldn't) I will try to find a workaround for that.
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