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  1. I'm loving A19 so far, amazing work by your team. Seeing the new zombie textures on twitter and even in some gameplay from the dev streams, I was not exactly sure about them. They look great, but seemed a tad out of place in the world (and probably due to familiarity with the old designs). Playing with them for myself though I don't get the same feeling and I have already grown more accustomed to them. Once the physics stuff the team was talking about is implemented I bet they'll be even more amazing so I'm looking forward to that down the line! Thank you guys so much for all the w
  2. So I thought I would chime in and say thank you to TFP for having these streamer weekends. Am I a streamer? Not yet, maybe one day. Do I watch the streams? Naw, I want to see/play it fresh (I will go back and watch some streams after I get to play if they are available.) Does it change my life in any way? Not really. But I still enjoy them, and personally it makes me happy. What does it do? - Provides cost efficient marketing for a game that I would love to see more people play. - Generates hype for a few days before release (even not watching,
  3. The Biome "layout" is always the same, just sometimes rotated. It is based on a pre-made biome layout image (not sure the file path); you may be able to alter the biome image (which is in grayscale) to define your own biome layout if you can access the image-mapping-file it is drawn from. In Alpha 18, the seed only changes the rotation and the generated terrain (hills, mountains, rivers, ponds, trees, roads) and the generated POIs/Cities.
  4. Thank you so much for your service! Happy late Memorial Day!

  5. @Magoli The prefab xcostum_Bavarian_Bowse_Shop(by_magoli) does not seem to have a rally marker for quests. I've edited the prefab myself to have one so I can complete my trader quest and I will keep my eyes out for any others that may have similar issues.
  6. {WIP} THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS {WIP} Unfortunately I have very scattered bits of time right now. I'm posting this now as a framework so I can edit it whenever I get the chance. Sorry about that! I'll try to get actual links up ASAP, and work on longer, better, descriptions for each mod as well. I also have not yet reached out the the creators of the mentioned edited modlets; I'll get around to it. ^-^' LAOKIA'S MODLETS (A18) MODLET DOWNLOADS Quest Tweaks - Adds skillpoint rewards for quests. (Various versions.) >> Link to old thr
  7. In the main menu select 'Options' and then 'Player Profile' and you will be able to select a pre-made character, or click 'Create' at the bottom to make a new custom character.
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