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  1. I'm loving A19 so far, amazing work by your team. Seeing the new zombie textures on twitter and even in some gameplay from the dev streams, I was not exactly sure about them. They look great, but seemed a tad out of place in the world (and probably due to familiarity with the old designs). Playing with them for myself though I don't get the same feeling and I have already grown more accustomed to them. Once the physics stuff the team was talking about is implemented I bet they'll be even more amazing so I'm looking forward to that down the line! Thank you guys so much for all the w
  2. So I thought I would chime in and say thank you to TFP for having these streamer weekends. Am I a streamer? Not yet, maybe one day. Do I watch the streams? Naw, I want to see/play it fresh (I will go back and watch some streams after I get to play if they are available.) Does it change my life in any way? Not really. But I still enjoy them, and personally it makes me happy. What does it do? - Provides cost efficient marketing for a game that I would love to see more people play. - Generates hype for a few days before release (even not watching,
  3. The Biome "layout" is always the same, just sometimes rotated. It is based on a pre-made biome layout image (not sure the file path); you may be able to alter the biome image (which is in grayscale) to define your own biome layout if you can access the image-mapping-file it is drawn from. In Alpha 18, the seed only changes the rotation and the generated terrain (hills, mountains, rivers, ponds, trees, roads) and the generated POIs/Cities.
  4. Thank you so much for your service! Happy late Memorial Day!

  5. @Magoli The prefab xcostum_Bavarian_Bowse_Shop(by_magoli) does not seem to have a rally marker for quests. I've edited the prefab myself to have one so I can complete my trader quest and I will keep my eyes out for any others that may have similar issues.
  6. {WIP} THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS {WIP} Unfortunately I have very scattered bits of time right now. I'm posting this now as a framework so I can edit it whenever I get the chance. Sorry about that! I'll try to get actual links up ASAP, and work on longer, better, descriptions for each mod as well. I also have not yet reached out the the creators of the mentioned edited modlets; I'll get around to it. ^-^' LAOKIA'S MODLETS (A18) MODLET DOWNLOADS Quest Tweaks - Adds skillpoint rewards for quests. (Various versions.) >> Link to old thr
  7. In the main menu select 'Options' and then 'Player Profile' and you will be able to select a pre-made character, or click 'Create' at the bottom to make a new custom character.
  8. An update: The only thing in my mods that was affected by the alpha 18.3 b4 stable release was the Localization files. I have updated those, and changing them should have no affect on save game data, thankfully. Sorry that I have not been able to take the time to sort out this thread or anything like that. Remember to back up your save data before updating these mods (or any mods really)! If an error occurs when using one of these mod versions, try to just copy the Localization.txt files from the appropriate version and just replace them in the version of the mod you were previously run
  9. With everything working correctly, the skill points tend to be a bit more common a reward choice than I would like (at least for players with adventurer Lvl 3, which is not difficult to get). I feel that this ends up making things too unbalanced as then players could just focus on perking into adventurer and would more often than not get skill points for completing any quest. To remedy this and balance it out a bit more, I made alternate versions of the mod (both a skill book version and a direct skill point version) that spread out the reward offers to result in the skills being a bit rare
  10. Sorry I wasn't able to do this yesterday. The health issues at the moment are caused by allergies, the swelling of my sinuses is insane right now. Yesterday was extra bad due to a front coming through. Luckily it's better today (only my ears seem to be swollen, don't need hearing to mess with code, lol) so I was able to whip all this up and test it. Everything seems to be working well. I made a few different versions... I wish messing with the quests didn't screw up the character files, but alas. Thanks for your patience, and I hope you have a great weekend as well! Also a great holiday sin
  11. @Reytag: Thanks for mentioning this! I had not been online for this past week so I missed the update drop entirely. It seems like there may be a few changes to quest-related things so it might take a little time to figure out what all I need to edit. Plus I want to try to make sure that I won't be breaking any saves, lol. I wish I could say I'd have it done tonight but I'm actually not feeling well (it is causing my vision to blur pretty bad which is impacting my ability to read/type). I will definitely have an update out within the next few days and might even have it tonight but with how
  12. @KinaUndead: Ah, I will check that. I did do a dumb and 'fixed' the tier completion quests (which also had the 6th 'choice' problem) but I should have left those alone. I'm going to release that as an optional add-on I think, because losing the progress on the tiers actually does lose something more than just the visual loss of quest log entries. *derp* Alright, just checked without my tier edits and... *headdesk* Oh. I had assumed that the tier completion quests themselves would be what the current tier level would be based on. Unfortunately it seems that the tier is based on the number o
  13. Note: This mod does NOT conflict with SMX New Mod Version Available I have uploaded a new version of the mod. I had to rework pretty much everything in the mod to get it working as intended. I spent a while testing the trader reward offers and there seems to be a bug at the moment that causes the rewards they offer to not shuffle (which it states in the xml files should happen). This was causing not only my modded skill points to not be offered, but also the 6th official-vanilla option to not be offered. With the update to my mod, I also changed the official-vanilla reward offers so t
  14. KinaUndead, I'm sorry for not noticing your posts. For some reason I am not receiving any email notifications about thread replies even though I have everything set up for that, even so far as having the 7 days forums in my contacts. Not sure what is going on with that. I've even had a few PMs that I haven't gotten an email notice for, while others I have gotten the notice. This does work with the current version of the game. I always check and so far nothing in the code has changed to require any updates to the mod files. That is odd that the option for skill points has not shown up... I w
  15. Aaron, So sorry for the late reply! Unfortunately the removequest commands do have to be run on a per-character basis. I really wish that there was a command to remove the quests from everyone... The other potential solution is to edit the saved character files themselves to remove the quest data. Unfortunately I could not find a way to do this easily. I don't have the necessary knowledge to code a program to allow editing of the .ttp files. There is and old A16 editor by Karlovsky120 but they have abandoned work on it. They left the source code so someone could bring the editor up to da
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