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Map corruption caused by server crash


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Hello all. Dedicated server hosted by BlueFangSolutions (great host!) on a windows platform. I am server owner running linux desktop client. Server host crashed due to windows bug. Bluefang is fixing up the windows stuff now, but our 7dtd map got corrupted by the original crash, and when we loaded it up it looked weird -- obvious issues include lack of terrain texture (no change based on position of terrain texture quality slider in options, and same appearance regardless of biome) and the disappearance of all trees, and the server has reset to day 1, morning.


Intact / working stuff includes: Player characters seem to exist, in the locations they were last known to be in, wearing and carrying the equipment they remember, with the skills and xp and so on last known. Structures including both POIs and player-built structures, and cavities in terrain created by players, are all present and in the same form last observed. Containers on the map continue to hold the same inventory they did before. Player planted crops of at least several sorts, and grass growing wildly, still remain. However all trees both player planted and natural are either missing or invisible.


We're trying to determine with the community's help if this game can be salvaged. We were on day 33, +/- 3ish, so it's not like a super old game but still enough time invested that we'd rather salvage it than start over.

Can anyone offer advice?


Attached files: Screenshot (taken from near our main base which is in forest biome near trader Joel, don't get fooled into thinking the screenshot shows desert based on the color).

                        Log from most recent server start (start up, 2 players connect, shutdown)

                        Log from linux client (one of the above-mentioned 2 players)



server-log.txt output_log__2020-05-06__15-35-42.txt

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