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Found 2 results

  1. Hello all. Dedicated server hosted by BlueFangSolutions (great host!) on a windows platform. I am server owner running linux desktop client. Server host crashed due to windows bug. Bluefang is fixing up the windows stuff now, but our 7dtd map got corrupted by the original crash, and when we loaded it up it looked weird -- obvious issues include lack of terrain texture (no change based on position of terrain texture quality slider in options, and same appearance regardless of biome) and the disappearance of all trees, and the server has reset to day 1, morning. Intact / working stuf
  2. I have a base in the forest biome, I want to reset the world but keep my base, it is to my understanding that I can do this by resetting or manipulating region files. I have had a look and cannot find any updated ways to find what region I am in. I have admin on my server but am not familiar with any console commands, so if anyone could help that would be spectacular. Thanks
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