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Can you make a none online game so you can play with others


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You must login to Steam to play multiplayer. Offline local play is possible, but I don't believe you can do multiplayer without it. We tried once to setup a local network while out of range of internet and could not force it to work. I don't think anything has changed since we tried.

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Your question is a bit ambiguous.


If you are asking whether you can play without internet, then the answer is no, you need a connection to steam


If you are asking whether you can play just with your friends, then the answer is yes, you can create a private game that is not listed in the server listing and only your friends know the IP address of the server to connect to and the password that you definitely should set. Your friends have to connect to your PC or you can setup a dedicated server. If there is a router firewall inbetween you have to forward the port to the internet in your router to make it work.


If you are asking how to change a singleplayer game of yours to a multiplayer game, then yes, this is easily possible. When you play single player you already start a server that you connect to. All you need to do is open a port for your friends in your firewall and tell them the external IP address (and password if set). If you want to use a dedicated server you have to copy the world and save game data to the dedicated server.


There is some info about this in a pinned thread in "General Support" here in the forum


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