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Current Game Objects


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Is there a list, or a way to find what ALL current objects are in the game and what they look like. Both or either the 3D view for when you are running around, and also the Icon for if it is in a backpack or storage container? And also the NAME to use to reference them all?


That would be a great resource for modders to use if available somewhere. And making it a Sticky in the Mods section would be great as well.




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Ok. Thanks. But I know that part. But if I want to reference and object for what it will look like in the 3D world, I have to be able to reference it in the blocks.xml


So for example, the dart trap has this:

<property name="Model" value="Entities/Electrical/arrowTrapPrefab"/> <property name="HandleFace" value="Bottom"/>

to show what it is like in the 3D world. (I think I am understanding this part correctly)


What I want to know is how do I see what all is available and how to reference that correctly for a totally new item? Is there a guide to do this? Currently, I am using the Unity Asset Bundle Extractor to try and get this info, but it is horribly organized in 7 days in the assets bundles so i am just extracting them all (that I can find) and then hoping I can find reference to them some how.


So in my example above, how do I find the item I wish to use, and then know that it is in Entities/Electrical/arrowTrapPrefab??? I am looking for a guide that shows that. I do not have unity or have a detailed understanding of how it works. I do understand the basics, but I may be missing something...


Something cool would be a document like a spread sheet that had something like:


Item name * Location * Picture

Dart Trap * Entities/Electrical/arrowTrapPrefab * (picture of the Item)


this would be great because I am seeing stuff in the assets that I think we could use as modders, that does not show up in the game at all. If we could have a reference for it all, I think there could be some great stuff made!


Thanks for the response. I do appreciate it.

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