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Trying to figure out baby's first modding


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So as part of the great mess, my group of friends has dived into the wonderful world of post-apocalyptic zombie survival.


We wanted to make the nights scarier, "What if at night, all zombies are feral."


Here's the code as I've written it to change one entity group:


<remove xpath="/entitygroups/entitygroup[id=ZombiesNight]/>


<append xpath="/entitygroups">

<entitygroup name="ZombiesNight">

<entity name="zombieSpiderFeral" prob=".5"/>

<entity name="zombieBoeFeral"/>

<entity name="zombieJoeFeral"/>

<entity name="zombieSteveFeral"/>

<entity name="zombieMoeFeral"/>

<entity name="zombieYoFeral"/>

<entity name="zombieBusinessManFeral"/>

<entity name="zombieArleneFeral"/>

<entity name="zombieDarleneFeral"/>

<entity name="zombieMarleneFeral"/>

<entity name="zombieNurseFeral"/>

<entity name="zombieSteveCrawlerFeral"/>

<entity name="zombieFatHawaiianFeral"/>




The error code I'm getting thrown is Error : '<', hexadecimal value 0x3C, is an invalid attribute character and it is line 7, position 2, which would be the <append



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More slamming my head against the wall and calling in a friend who codes who basically laughed at me because my issues were not paying close enough attention to closing tags and punctuation.


So is there a better way to compile and test the code versus just simply loading it into mods and booting up?

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There are a bunch online as well that let you just copy/paste in your code. They'll let you test for valid syntax, run commands on XML data sets, and do some other basic stuff. Just search "xpath validator" and the top few options should all work well enough. Good luck modding!

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