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How many can we be in a party ?

Bouddha Fett

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Me and my friends started to play 7 days to die a few days ago, we have some great moments.


We are 12 on a server host by a friend, and we can't be all together in the same party... is it normal ? Like, we can only be 6 on the party.

We like the fact we can see our friends on the top compass, and see their health, but we can't get to be 12 at the same time... We can be allie, and if open the map I can see everyone, but I would like to see everyone on the compass, it is more convenient.


Is it possible ? Thanks you very much.

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Found this, its a year old post but it might get you some traction:



In this thread: "Dll edit required, but I'm told anything beyond 10 breaks stuff."

"Yeah, max party size is hard coded, and requires a DLL edit."


I don't see (or know) where or how to edit the dll


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