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  1. Hi, Back in 2016 I use to play 7 days to die on xbox, and in my memory I could craft concrete pillar 50. Now I'm back to it but on PC, and I can't find those pillar 50... I looked in the cement mixer, in the workbench, in the wood machine... I did found wood pillar, but it's to big, I think it's a pillar 100. I went to creation mode, and the pillar 50 in wood were available ! So how can I craft them ? It driving me crazy Thanks !
  2. Well, that’s sound a little bit perilous. We will stick to our group of six then. Nevermind ! Thanks you for your answer !
  3. Hi, Me and my friends started to play 7 days to die a few days ago, we have some great moments. We are 12 on a server host by a friend, and we can't be all together in the same party... is it normal ? Like, we can only be 6 on the party. We like the fact we can see our friends on the top compass, and see their health, but we can't get to be 12 at the same time... We can be allie, and if open the map I can see everyone, but I would like to see everyone on the compass, it is more convenient. Is it possible ? Thanks you very much.
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