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New POI are beautiful!


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I just startet playing again since 17.4(?) I think.


I noticed that most POI and cities got reworked and I love these.

It totally enjoy the little stories every building has to tell and those secret stashes everywhere.

I could never believe that I would stay half a days in a single house, exploring and exploiting things.

Also the traps are great. Having a creepy basement with a bad floor never gets old!


Very very good work Señores Pimp! Quality level 11!!!


And now, after I soft-soaped the developers I want to note a flaw. A huge minor flaw:


Why doesn't the zombie bear in diersville never leave it's cave? I would drop dead scared if the bear comes out at night, wander through the streets, kill one zombie/animal/player for eating and return to it's cave. Combined with a little roaring while doing so, it would make Diersville Nights Legendary!




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