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  1. I did a little research but couldn't find a similar thread, so I think my idea is new and revolutionary: Farmin Overhaul! Currently Farming is boring. You unlock seeds by skill, punch them into the ground and and punch them out after a while they magically doubled. This process gets repeated until the server starts crashing because of a 300-tiles wide garden. This is repetitite and boring. My idea would be to put plants into Tiers from T0, trivial for everyone, to T3 for plantlife geeks and high-end bases. The point behind that would be to make planting itself much more difficult, but also more rewarding. By this, players who don't care are still able to do some basic gardening and get basic foods, but for the more advanced vegetables one needs skillpoints and preperation. T0 - Corn! No Skills no Preperation Seeds: Craft by hand. One ear = 5 Seeds Planting: Anywhere Irrigation: None Yield: 1(+1 per Skill) Corn per plant Comment: Stupid much work, but easy to setup T1 - Potatoe No Skills, but preparation Seeds: Potatoe + Water bottle = germinating Potatoe Planting: Needs a garden tile, prepared with a hoe. Will only grow on a 3x3 garden with no adjacent plants Irrigation: 2 x Water Yield: 5(+2 per Skill) Potatoes Comment: Using basic ressource, being a solid source of food T2 - Blueberry Ambitious plant for long term usage Seeds: Attack Fully grown plant with a hoe turrns into 1 seed (10%*Skill for Bonus seed) Planting: Needs a garden tile, prepared with a hoe Irrigation: 5 x Water Yield: 10+ Berries, Plant will not be destroyed(Chance to fail and still deytroy it) Comment: Getting seeds should be difficult and harvesting needs a skilled farmer, but once established, very rewarding. T3 - Super Corn High End Stuff Seeds: Crafted at Chemistry Bank Planting: Garden tile and skill Irrigation: Only grows indoors with artificial light, 1x Water Yield: 1(+1 per Skill) Super Corn Comment: High skill gate. Needs Science, Electricity and Gardening skills
  2. To keep it in perspective, farming in this game, never was fun. The plant design is a minimalistic solution to give renewable access to consumables. At the current point you can do what you want, you will never satisfy a players need to enjoy farming. If farming would be easier, e.g. by increasing yield by 1000% and enable splash harvesting, everybody would complain that it's too powerful, and when making it too difficult people like Biscoitoso will create threads like this. In the end there is no solution for that problem with the current design, as it's boring at best and terribly annoying in the worst case. I guess the only way to fix farming would be by a redesign of planting in common By this I see reducing the number of plants, dividing them into different tiers of difficulty and increasing maintenance needs. The effect should be an option to go simple planting or advanced, as the player wants to focus on it or not, which the current one-size-fits-all Design cannot fulfill. Example: T0 Corn Low Yield, low effort: Easy to make seeds, easy to plant. Many needed to be useful. T1 Potatoe Slow Growth, average effort: Only one plant per 3x3 allowed, adequate yield, simple irrigation required T2 Blueberry High utility, high effort: High skill needed for planting, needs irrigation/pest fighting T3 Super Corn High yield, high effort Needs high skill so make seeds and artificial light
  3. I just startet playing again since 17.4(?) I think. I noticed that most POI and cities got reworked and I love these. It totally enjoy the little stories every building has to tell and those secret stashes everywhere. I could never believe that I would stay half a days in a single house, exploring and exploiting things. Also the traps are great. Having a creepy basement with a bad floor never gets old! Very very good work Señores Pimp! Quality level 11!!! And now, after I soft-soaped the developers I want to note a flaw. A huge minor flaw:
  4. Bolgfred


    When I was playing the game, I never thought about a cure.It might be just me but a cure doesn't fit the zombie setting. Every good zombie movie ended bad. This should be no difference. Might be just me but I prefer going down in glory instead of living in peace :-) So, when I think about endgame, I have a Super Poi [Zuper'PEW] in Mind. Let's say there is a huge fortress/underground base on the map. In size I think about diersville, but walled in and containing many many many enemies. This one should be so difficult, that you think, wow that's difficult. You can visit it but It it gives you no effect. LOL why? Here's why: Every Blood Moon, you get a Quest leading you to a Hint, that reveals part of the story. Every 5th hint is a Siege on a trader(finally we can use those fortresses). Depending on if you can protect the trader or not, they will give you a bonus(or loot from their dead bodies Muahah). At Day 365 you get the last hint, which will unlock the final quest: Storm the fortress/underground base. This quest runs as followed: Inside the fortress/underground base is a huge bomb(doom machine) installed, which is supposed to clean the infestation of navezgane in case of problems. The player must get into the facility and activate the doom device. This works as followed: 1. Entering the facility 2. Find, repair and fuel 4 generators 3. Get to the Control room and activate the Doomdevice 4. Survive 7 Days of Blood Moon in a Row 5. Get the hell out while the whole map explodes. The END This setup would fit anything I would wish myself for a 7d2d ending: 1. It offers an optional story line to follow 2. It's not forcing a time limit. You can go there by 365 or later. 3. The task should be widespread so playing multiplayer is somewhat necessary. 4. It should implement any element of the game: -looting (you need food/ammo for a week), -shooting (you be shooting for a week), -building (you be fortifing multiple generators/rooms), -questing (one quest a week keeps the doctor at peek.... aw that's stupid) 5. It's gonna be epic!
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