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Adding Deep Cuts Perk To Fireaxes


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I would like to have the deep cuts perk also apply to fire axes. Would I just have to insert perkDeepCuts in to this line in the items xml for the iron fireaxe?


(items xml line 285)


<property name="Tags"value="axe,melee,grunting,medium,tool,a ttStrength,perkMiner69r,perkMotherLode,canHaveCosm etic"/>


If that's all I need to do I'm thinking it would probably be best to insert it between perkMotherLode and canHaveCosmetic... or doesn't it's place in the values string make a difference other than keeping it organized?


If I'm looking at the xml for the steel fireaxe correctly; adding it to the iron fireaxe will also make it apply to the steel fireaxe correct?


(items xml line 365)


<property name="Extends" value="meleeToolFireaxeIron"/>




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