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  1. This was in the forest biome. Not terribly far from where I spawned. My thoughts then and now are that it was some kind of extremely rare bug having to do with spawning enemies and GS.
  2. I've had it happen to me once in one of the earlier versions of A19. Day one, sometime in the early or mid afternoon. I came across the new "clothing store". (I forget its excact name) so I went in to look for some good clothes and a duster. I woke up some sleepers and while I was taking care of them I was suddenly hit on the side of my head by a bunch of green goo. I turned and there was a cop. It surprised the crap out of me. I had to run outside and wait for him to come out. From a safe distance I peppered him with arrows until he blew. I was glad I was at the clothing store because my pla
  3. I voted no. I think it would just cheapen the time management aspect of the game and it seems cheesy to me. In my opinion fast travel in 7DTD would just be a lazy way to satisfy the need for instant gratification without having to put in any actual time, thought or effort.
  4. One of the biggest changes to my playstyle so far is that I'm much more cautious and concerned about getting hit in melee than I used to be. With the new critical hit and injury system, I'm a lot more leery of just standing there and trading punches with a zed until they drop.
  5. I would like to have the deep cuts perk also apply to fire axes. Would I just have to insert perkDeepCuts in to this line in the items xml for the iron fireaxe? (items xml line 285) <property name="Tags"value="axe,melee,grunting,medium,tool,a ttStrength,perkMiner69r,perkMotherLode,canHaveCosm etic"/> If that's all I need to do I'm thinking it would probably be best to insert it between perkMotherLode and canHaveCosmetic... or doesn't it's place in the values string make a difference other than keeping it organized? If I'm looking at the xml for the steel fireaxe c
  6. Okay. Thanks Roland. That would explain why after I made the changes the console would pop up when I entered my game. It had a red error message saying something about an invalid number or something to that effect in the spawning. I switched them to whole numbers from the 1.5 I put in and it's okay now.
  7. Quick question concerning the maxcount of outdoor spawns. Do decimals work as well? If raising the amount to 2 gives you twice as many zeds would raising it to 1.5 just give you 50% more?
  8. Cooking pot is my main goal early game. When I finish the starter quest is done it's my most important goal and item. Anything else I find in my search for one is just a bonus to me.
  9. I just use a few little UI modlets for QOL reasons. One changes the way the compass appears a little bit to make map icons and markers a bit easier to see. My 54 year old eyes aren't what they used to be. Another adds the number of kills next to the toolbelt. Another one adds slot numbers to the toolbelt. The last one makes it so you can still see the day and time when you're in a menu screen, chest, workstation or vehicle. The only other things I use that could be considered mods are just little xml changes that I make myself.
  10. Try changing the game name. I've found that in A18 the RNG of spawn location seems to be tied to the game name.
  11. I usually play an hour or two every day after work during the week. More on the weekends. That amount will be less in another month or so when the weather warms up. There's not much yardwork or just relaxing outside to do in the winter here in Minnesota.
  12. Thanks for these modlets Red. The ones I've installed so far work great and are wonderful QOL additions to my game.
  13. Early game and RNGesus. Distant city or POI way off in the distance and you're running down a long stretch of road or across the desert heading for it. Finger fatigue and you don't have to stop moving to grab a swig of your RL beer.
  14. @Roland, faatal or Gazz. I was wondering if auto walk/run has been added in to A17, or if there are plans to introduce it in the future. It would be a very welcome QOL feature.
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