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  1. This was in the forest biome. Not terribly far from where I spawned. My thoughts then and now are that it was some kind of extremely rare bug having to do with spawning enemies and GS.
  2. I've had it happen to me once in one of the earlier versions of A19. Day one, sometime in the early or mid afternoon. I came across the new "clothing store". (I forget its excact name) so I went in to look for some good clothes and a duster. I woke up some sleepers and while I was taking care of them I was suddenly hit on the side of my head by a bunch of green goo. I turned and there was a cop. It surprised the crap out of me. I had to run outside and wait for him to come out. From a safe distance I peppered him with arrows until he blew. I was glad I was at the clothing store because my plant fiber pants had a big brown stain on the back and they kind of smelled bad too. Over 2500 hours starting in A16 and that is the one and only time I've ever encountered a cop that early. No mods, all vanilla.
  3. Okay. Thanks Roland. That would explain why after I made the changes the console would pop up when I entered my game. It had a red error message saying something about an invalid number or something to that effect in the spawning. I switched them to whole numbers from the 1.5 I put in and it's okay now.
  4. Quick question concerning the maxcount of outdoor spawns. Do decimals work as well? If raising the amount to 2 gives you twice as many zeds would raising it to 1.5 just give you 50% more?
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