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  1. I would like to have the deep cuts perk also apply to fire axes. Would I just have to insert perkDeepCuts in to this line in the items xml for the iron fireaxe? (items xml line 285) <property name="Tags"value="axe,melee,grunting,medium,tool,a ttStrength,perkMiner69r,perkMotherLode,canHaveCosm etic"/> If that's all I need to do I'm thinking it would probably be best to insert it between perkMotherLode and canHaveCosmetic... or doesn't it's place in the values string make a difference other than keeping it organized? If I'm looking at the xml for the steel fireaxe correctly; adding it to the iron fireaxe will also make it apply to the steel fireaxe correct? (items xml line 365) <property name="Extends" value="meleeToolFireaxeIron"/> Thanks
  2. Okay. Thanks Roland. That would explain why after I made the changes the console would pop up when I entered my game. It had a red error message saying something about an invalid number or something to that effect in the spawning. I switched them to whole numbers from the 1.5 I put in and it's okay now.
  3. Quick question concerning the maxcount of outdoor spawns. Do decimals work as well? If raising the amount to 2 gives you twice as many zeds would raising it to 1.5 just give you 50% more?
  4. Cooking pot is my main goal early game. When I finish the starter quest is done it's my most important goal and item. Anything else I find in my search for one is just a bonus to me.
  5. I just use a few little UI modlets for QOL reasons. One changes the way the compass appears a little bit to make map icons and markers a bit easier to see. My 54 year old eyes aren't what they used to be. Another adds the number of kills next to the toolbelt. Another one adds slot numbers to the toolbelt. The last one makes it so you can still see the day and time when you're in a menu screen, chest, workstation or vehicle. The only other things I use that could be considered mods are just little xml changes that I make myself.
  6. Try changing the game name. I've found that in A18 the RNG of spawn location seems to be tied to the game name.
  7. I usually play an hour or two every day after work during the week. More on the weekends. That amount will be less in another month or so when the weather warms up. There's not much yardwork or just relaxing outside to do in the winter here in Minnesota.
  8. I'm just going to quickly hit on brass... which you mentioned a couple of times. Brass is no more limited than coal, lead or nitrate. The trader pays you in brass for completing quests. Whenever I need brass I just throw a few thousand dukes in to the forge.
  9. Yes it was in it's own way. I was cussing and laughing at the same time.
  10. It was about 21:00 on day three and I didn't have much to do on the roof of the Buzz's Bar where I had set up camp. I decided to go and dig a bit of clay before dark. Around 22:00 I figure it's time to head home. I start to head home and am immediately attacked by a dog horde of about four or five. I'm running down the street with them chasing me. Occasionally I'd turn and blast them with the sawed off shotty I'd found, but with only six shells that didn't last long... neither did I. When I went back to get my bag I discovered that I had managed to kill three of them though.
  11. Yes I'm getting this bug too. I noticed it yesterday. It's extremely annoying. Brand new game on newest patch.
  12. Quick question. How do I put 7dtd in windowed fullscreen? OS is Windows10. I'm not having any FPS troubles. They dropped a bit on A18. From an average of about 70 - 90 to about 50 - 70. Still good FPS, but if I'm able to get some FPS back I can up my settings a bit and still get the same FPS. Thanks.
  13. A nice cold beer to the whole TFP staff on A18 so far. I've only played to about to 18:00 or so on day one, but it feels so good to be scared again. My first close call was almost to a pig of all things... a pig! I can't remember the last time I had to run for my life from a pig in 7DTD no matter how early game it was.... and I ran like a little girl. There was no way in hell I was going to have my first death be to a pig. I love the zed rage mechanic. I love it. The second zed I come across was a construction worker. No problem, I go up to knife him as usual. After a couple of hits on him the sumbitch suddenly goes feral on my ass. Makes me nervous when fighting any zed now. That mechanic on its own is a game changer in my view. Especially early game. It did kill me though. One zed out of the three in a church raged on me and caught me off guard. I also like how resource rocks and feathers seem to have been nerfed. Usually by that time of day on day one I have at least 100 arrows to use. I had trouble scrounging up even 20 or 25. Feathers and stone are now actually something to think about now early game. *************************************** (edit added comment by QA Tester-unholyjoe) this is the kind of story i love to read... player caught up in the real action. thanks, i loved it ***************************************
  14. Same here concerning the beer part. I took today and tomorrow off from work for this. CST USA. For all practical purposes it's noon on a Saturday for me.
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