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Wood Gasifier Mod


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So, I've got a modlet idea for those that generate biomes with tools such as NitroGen and don't want deserts. The general concern I've seen, and had, is that OilShale only spawns in the desert biome. No oilshale = no fuel, except what you can loot.


The idea is to create a Wood Gasifier. (example) https://www.instructables.com/id/Pow...a-Wood-Gasifi/

The 'workstation' could leverage the current burning barrel, and the input materials used to make the fuel would be Coal and Wood. The output would be gascans.

This would eliminate the need for deserts completely.


I have created a few modlets, and have a pretty good basic understanding, but this one is a bit over my head. Looking for someone who may want to take this on.

I'm still gonna try to figure it out, but there are a wealth of brilliant modders here that could likely write it in their sleep.

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Soo... I'm definitely not one of those brilliant modders of whom you speak, but AFAICT workstation modding can't be done with xml modlets. Instead it requires SDX/DMT modding which is significantly more complicated. Something like adding standard recipes for use at the chem station would be a practical workaround.

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