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Request: Pokemon Gym style prefabs


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Hello all! I have been working on my old pokemon mod, bringing it to life in xml form instead of requiring sdx or dmt. I've expanded it to also include a full pokemon style battle system. With this, I need a few prefabs to use as gyms for the player to work towards.


There are a few requirements... The gym needs a path (or multiple) that leads from the entrance to the final room, with spots to fight non boss trainers. The trainers sadly have to move around a little, so having them in separate rooms or areas where they can't jump out of would be great. It also has to be themed to a pokemon type I use. The types are:


Normal (think humanoid style)





Psychic (Ghost)



I will handle all of the spawners, so don't worry about those. The prefabs also need to be vanilla blocks only.


If anyone is interested in making these and want more information, message me on here, add me on steam (Telric) or send me a message on discord (I'm in Guppy's discord). Thanks for readin and hopefully someone wants to try for these! :)

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