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Scope moding question


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New to 7d2d modding, I am trying to figure out how to have the scope overlay activate without a scope mod. I added a new gun model that i want to have a scope attached by default.


here's a preview of what I am working on.


Thanks !



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Guess the correct way would be to just add the modification to your barret .50 directly from the start. same way have the headlight on a fireman's casket. otherwise you need to go to items.xml find your weapon and adjust this section:


<property class="Action1">
  <property name="Class" value="Zoom"/>
  <property name="Zoom_max_out" value="55"/>
  <property name="Zoom_max_in" value="55"/>


with values such as this:


<property name="CrosshairOnAim" value="true"/>
<property name="Zoom_overlay" value="#Other/Items?Weapons/HUD/sniper_zoom_overlay.tga"/>
<property name="Zoom_max_out" value="20"/> <property name="Zoom_max_in" value="10"/>
<property name="ScopeOffset" value="-0.0006,0.0,0.14"/>
<property name="ScopeScale" value="1.2,1.2,1.2"/>
<property name="ScopeCameraOffset" value="0,-0.022,0"/>


and from starting tag

<property name="Tags" value="..."/>


remove these if present "smallTopAttachments,mediumTopAttachments,largeTopAttachments "

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