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Dear Devs and Sups


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Unfortunately i have no idear, if to post here is the right place to do. Also i hope you will excuse my rly bad English, since im from Germany.

I startet playing this wonderfull Game a few Days ago and enjoy it rly. I discovered a Bug (?) that when you use movement sensors to power Lights, they do not detect Zombie movements. It would be great if you would fix that :)


Best Regards,


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Hi Heramal. For bugs there is a section called "Bug Reports". But for a usable bug report you would need to show exactly what you did, in this case pictures of your setup would be helpful.


But maybe showing your construct here or in "General Discussion" first to see if you didn't make a mistake might be better. To make pictures in the game, simply press F9. You will find the pictures in the games install directory in a folder called "Screenshots"


I'm not aware of any bugs with the movement sensor at the moment. But here are two things you should know about electricity and sensors:


You can not connect sensors in parallel to turn on some device if either sensor is activated. Because any device has only one input connection. Instead you have to connect them in series and astonishingly they then work as if they were connected in parallel.


Also devices like the movement sensors have a menu where you can set up who or what gets detected. Did you check that the sensor is configured for zombie detection?


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Hello Meganoth :)

Thank you for the fast reply. The hint with the menue for the sensors was great, i could fix the Problem with that. Thanks a lot! Maybe it should be added in the describtion of the Item that this menue exists. Or maybe im just too dump to understand it properly since im not original english :p

Thank you!!

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