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How to box Tutorial


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Disclaimer: If you master these boxing techniques, you will become over powered. You have been warned.


I show you how to box a grizzly bear, vultures dogs etc, but most importantly the zombie hordes. Ive started a game where I go to the skyscraper on day 1, utilizing these boxing techniques. On the first night I fought a whole floor of businessmen. Im nearing the end of day 2 and I dont think Im even a quarter way up.. I want to learn the whole building, so Ill do a few runs and hopefully by then Ive upgraded my PC. If the ram upgrades work, then ill do a fresh run and post that up too. Thats not in this video, but I just wanted to highlight how overpowered you become with these boxing techniques.


In this vid, I break down the basics. Learn how to hit, without being hit. I posted up a detailed build too. In short, you need to wear cloth armor for the boxing playstyle to be effective at night. Basically, you become a glass cannon, which kind of balances the overpoweredness.


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