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  1. I made a tutorial on how to box in this game. Basically took the Fight Night play style which revolves around foot work and stamina management, and adapted it for 7DTD. Its a steep learning curve, but I break it down nice and easy. Once you master it, you become unstoppable... Im at the point where I can do Horde everynight, and fight on the street. Heres how
  2. This trader was talking smack, so I knocked him out with my sledge hammer. Funnily enough he started talking nice to me after that. But then he started talking smack to my wife so I knocked him out again... then he teleported somewhere and we cant talk to him. Is there anyway to reset him? We both have loot for his quest, which is taking up a slot..
  3. Yeah I agree. May as well just activate cheat mode if your going to cheese in this way.
  4. I had this happen to me too. It can definitely be exploited as an XP farm. With horde every night, the early hordes are only a couple waves if you lucky, which doesn't help with XP. I was thinking of abusing this, but I just cant be bothered logging off and on lol.
  5. So Ive tried a few different strategies, and some just make it too easy. Now Ive come up with a ruleset if anyone wants to try this. 1. Complete all quests and talk to the trader before 1200 2. Do not do any trader quests. 3. Enter the building before nightfall. 4. Once you enter, do not leave. To be honest, this is a little generous. it gives you plenty of time to gather resources. I did an attempt after doing a trader quest first, and it was way too easy. You get a boost of xp, and a nice amount of coin to buy all the food and water you need... so maybe attempt it that way first time around. But, I don't think its fair to call this an easy task As it stands, I roam the night like a 40 man raid boss, looking for the group of zombies that can take me down. I posted a tutorial on how to box in this game, and once you master the playstyle, you should be able to roam at night from day one. In the video, I started an every night horde game with short days, and show you how to fight out in the street, all day and night! I played it through to day 10 off screen, and as you get the right gear and talent points, the game just gets easier. I think the jab is way overpowered right now, it definitely needs some balancing, but overall, you can not do the skyscraper with any other weapon. There simply is not enough ammo early game, and most other melee weapons use too much stamina. One half run I did, I was lucky enough to get a junk turret. Trying to keep it loaded with ammo is too time consuming. It was nice to set it up out of sight around a corner while night fighting. That way if I was taking too much damage and I needed a break, I could run around the corner and recover. I didnt stop swinging my fists, day and night. I used the same night fighting tactics in the tutorial, but modified slightly to suit the scyscraper. For night time combat, basically throw down a bunch of torches, then set up 3 or 4 lanes to kite the zombies and smack em down one by one. Considering no one else has said they completed this challenge, I wouldn't think any changes need to be made. Even if they did balance the jab, it would still come down to playstyle. Just picture Mike Tyson rampaging through a skyscraper of zombies... Thats me
  6. Bare knuckle bear fights are fun. The boxing mechanics are so under rated
  7. I love the boxing in this game, but it's a little over powered. I roam the map at night from day 1, even with horde night every night, with no fear of dying. It's all in the jab. Once you unlock the entire brawler tree, the jab becomes a rapid fire bazooka. There are some talented boxers with an amazing jab, but they don't usually pack enough punch to blow someone's head off. The head pop mechanic should be limited to the power hand. Boxers will utilise the jab to set up the power hand, and if they land it properly, then attempt to take their opponents head off with the power hand. The jab as rarely used with full force. I think if you have both hands with all the knock back and ragdoll effects, but limit the head pop to right hand only, then the play style makes more sense. I think the percentage should be bumped up a bit too, since the power hand is thrown with the intention of exploding heads. This way, you can still counter punch with the power hand, and if it doesn't blow the head off, but they still flinch, then this opens the door for a nice combo. Thoughts?
  8. I'd suggest selling as much as you can to the trader, so you have some coin for the vending machines. Was such a tease staring at food for 20 coins, and being flat broke. For most of the first 4 or 5 floors I was hanging around 20hp, which forced me to dump 2 points into healing factor Next time Ill hold onto my empty jars and a pot, as there's a swimming pool halfway up. There's times I was desperate enough that I would have just drank the boiled water as I had an anti disentary drink on standby. I was overheating a lot, even though I was inside.
  9. Was wondering if anyone else has done this. I did the beginner quests, talked to the trader, then went straight to the skyscraper with my leather knuckle wraps. I did a full clear from bottom to top. It seems like the kitchens have just enough food and water to keep you sustained. Also luck was on my side because, just as I got infected I looted an anti biotic. Started out really slow, but as I was Levelling it started getting easier to kill the zombies. The hardest floor was the worker floor, because I woke the whole floor to try and speed things up. I only had 2 ferals at the top, about 5 or 6 bikers 2 hawaiian shirt guys and a few others. I killed every zombie and got to the phat loot at the top by day 5 night time. I could probly do it faster now that I know my way around the building though. Give it a go. Let me know how long and hard it was.
  10. Maybe my next challenge. I wonder how the difficulty affects head pop chance with fists. I just did a day 1 sky scraper challenge, default settings. I entered the skyscraper on day 1. Did a full clear and hit the phat loot at the top by day 5. Still continued fighting throughout the night. If you can beat that, then perhaps I'd be interested in your build/play style. TBH, I don't see the point in upping the difficulty if it's just going to take ten times longer to kill one zombie.. Remember, fists have infinite ammo. When I got to the worker floor in the skyscraper, I woke the whole floor and smacked em down. It took aaaaaages. Would probly take a full day to kill them on your settings, kinda boring IMO. Ima try amp up the settings on my test server and see how the proc chances are affected.
  11. I found you can swing your melee from side to side and hit more than one zombie. It's really effective for purely melee builds. I'm just wondering if this mechanic was intentional, or will it be patched out, perhaps.
  12. Disclaimer: If you master these boxing techniques, you will become over powered. You have been warned. I show you how to box a grizzly bear, vultures dogs etc, but most importantly the zombie hordes. Ive started a game where I go to the skyscraper on day 1, utilizing these boxing techniques. On the first night I fought a whole floor of businessmen. Im nearing the end of day 2 and I dont think Im even a quarter way up.. I want to learn the whole building, so Ill do a few runs and hopefully by then Ive upgraded my PC. If the ram upgrades work, then ill do a fresh run and post that up too. Thats not in this video, but I just wanted to highlight how overpowered you become with these boxing techniques. In this vid, I break down the basics. Learn how to hit, without being hit. I posted up a detailed build too. In short, you need to wear cloth armor for the boxing playstyle to be effective at night. Basically, you become a glass cannon, which kind of balances the overpoweredness.
  13. Super choppy.. in the process of upgrading my PC, but this is the best I can do for now
  14. Loving the wasteland at the moment. I used to avoid it like the plague, but now I got the boxing down, I try to start there. They need a more hardcore biome IMO... Nuclear?
  15. I was having second thoughts on this build, as others were putting doubts in my mind... I did record a day one with short days, 20 min I think, with horde every night. I recorded on medium graphics which is pretty touch on this PC. I decided to continue that game on low graphics. I havent died to any zombies, even punched out a 3 dog horde on day 3 or 4. Tried to take on a bear at day 4 with 2/5 Brawler and got eaten alive, but apart from that Ive been fighting the horde on the street and havent died to em yet. Its now day 9 and I finally got my hands on a pair of steel knuckle busters. I feel like ive clocked the game Im currently 3/5 Brawler and 2/5 Healing Factor. Usually I try hold off on other talents and focus down Brawler, but I need the health regen to have enough HP for each horde night. One time I got tagged and got stunned which cost me half my health, so I really need to get points into Pain Tolerance. But for now, I have to rely on my new steel knuckles with weighted mod and focus down Brawler for that head pop. I think for the most part, Im owning because of the fight tactics Im using, more so than the talents, but this build definitely compliments someone with basic boxing knowledge. Im still working out this video editing stuff, but right now, I need to raid with my guild in World of Warcraft. Ill Try my best to get it up tomorrow. - - - Updated - - - What a rush. Got food poisoning and had to start the horde fight with half stamina. - - - Updated - - -
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