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[HELP] Increasing zombie spawns - Spawning.XML - City biome vs City Wasteland ?


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I am playing with the number of zombies spawing in differents zones in a randomly generated map.


I specifically want to increase that number for the big cities on the map, but I can figure out which of these biomes I need to edit in ''Spawning.XML''


Can someone explain to me what is the difference between these biomes, and which one applies to big cities:

biome name =''city''

biome name = ''city_wasteland''

biome name = ''wasteland_hub''


Thank you in advance for your help.

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These biomes were used in the old RWG-generation (including for allocation of cities) and the Nav map.

Now it's just biomes that we can't use like everyone else except default ones. The problem is the textures for the terrain.


Now generation does not allocate a place where cities are spawned, so it is impossible to manage the spawn of entities.

But you can make prefabs that will contain more zombies on the street and spawn these prefabs in cities.

Unfortunately, this method is not effective because sleepers cannot spawn within the player's view (in open/viewable places)


PS: Also, these biomes were previously included in the hardcoded list and had their own sound-environment.

Now, i don't know.

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