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  1. I feel like the main reason late game becomes so easy is that there are far too many mineral veins on the map. Is there a way to reduce the amount of mineral veins on the map ? I am using nitrogen map generator.
  2. I thought that setting affected the maximum number of zombies during the entire bloodmoon, but that they would come in waves. I'll try it though and see what happens !
  3. Greetings, I'm hosting a co-op session and we are all lagging a lot during blood moon. Therefore, I would like to know what specific setting to I need to modify to reduce the max number of zombies alive during a blood moon. I first thought it would be linked to the gamestages.xml, but it seems to have ridiculous numbers like ''maxAlive=256''. Thank you all for your precious help.
  4. They can see all the building, there is no placeholder. What happens is really that their view distance seems way lower than mine, even if set to be the same (high).
  5. Greetings, I'm running a co-op session with 2 of my friends. All 3 of us have view distance at high. However, I (the host) am able to see buildings from much farther away than them. They think its 2-3 buildings, and I see the whole city behind it. Can someone explain how to fix this ? Mods used: Map generated by Nitro-gen Compo Pack 42 (only host has it installed ... might be the issue ?)
  6. What is chunk loading, and is there any way to modify it ?
  7. Greetings, I am playing with the number of zombies spawing in differents zones in a randomly generated map. I specifically want to increase that number for the big cities on the map, but I can figure out which of these biomes I need to edit in ''Spawning.XML'' Can someone explain to me what is the difference between these biomes, and which one applies to big cities: biome name =''city'' biome name = ''city_wasteland'' biome name = ''wasteland_hub'' Thank you in advance for your help.
  8. Ok so I managed to increase the number of zombies by editing ''spawn maxcount ='' in ''spawning.xml''. It's working just fine 70% of the time, but for the other 30%, it seems barely any zombies are spawning. Could it be that the spawning rate changes depending of the day or the gamestage ?
  9. Thank you Bubo ! However, by reading Guppycur's ''Blood Moon Fix'' modlet, it seems it only increases the max zombies, and not the max number of zombies alive, so I wonder if the zombies will keep coming in groups of 8 only. Have you tried it yourself ?
  10. Greetings, Would someone be kind enough as to explain to me how to increase the overall number of zombies in biomes and the number of zombies that spawn simultaneously during the Blood Moon ? Overall number: I feel as though there are not enough zombies roaming around during the day / night as I wander around. Most POI feel like ghost towns, except for the 2-3 zombies walking around. I have tried ''Darness Falls mod'', and I really like the number of zombies I saw, but I want to recreate that experience in the vanilla game. Blood moon count: I have set the maximum of zombies per player to 64 during the blood moon, but I read that there can only be 8 zombies attacking simultaneously during a blood moon. I want to make it so my base is swarmed by a massive amount of zombies during blood moons. Notes: I am playing co-op with a friend going through ''new game''. We are not running a dedicated server. Thank you for your help !
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