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What if zombie decided not to attack your base..


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Screamer variant choosing not to attack. Just sit there and scream till you figure out where outside it's at.


Or a zombie that acts as a catapult. Standing outside and launching zombies on top your base. Or it simple launches arcing blocks with inaccuracy to your location but where ever the block hits. Could be the roof power generator.


What if there was a zombie that camped,

Outside your base. A zombie that doesn't try to waltz into your predetermined death trap.


What if, there was a jester zombie.

It sits outside your base cheering on fellow zombies and just buffs them. Laughing. Creepily.


What if, you went into a house. And saw a creeper baby zombie laying. You wake it up. The baby cries.


Spawns zombies outside like a screamer.


Just ideas

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