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  1. I appreciate the info on the time frame to complete bandits. I don't feel strongly about it. I felt that the new features would be bandits and water overhaul and I saw both couped into 21. At the time it sounded like bandits could be sneaked into 20 if it was delayed a bit.
  2. People might hate me suggesting this , but can we delay pushing alpha 20 until the bandits are in? The update is filled with quality life improvements but them bandits was what stood out for me. I'll be happy with a tick box saying enable buggy bandits :)
  3. Water Overhaul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol. Failed searches for new information on it. Maybe its hiding somewhere in this omegathread. Boats. Fishes. Evil fishes. Fish burgers. Harpoon gun for zombies. Water Overhaul. There must be more info on that somewhere.
  4. The react was probably more hilarious at the time, in thought "Okay I have 2 hours to get my ammo, organize the weapons, etc, maybe even reinforce or polish some stuff, now to take out that frame so zombies can't cross despite bridge retracted, don't need that thing anyway" **Then pulls frame** *clunk clunk jurgle jurgle, clock , blonk! , clunk , graw, bunk, clock clock clunk, * Then softly spoken outloud. "Oh @%$#... what do I do now."
  5. Response to qoute, also an update on experience. First off topic, was hilarious, want to share my day 7. So I fortified a graveyard church thing prefab, across from trader. It had pre-existing walls. Spikes.. I had 2 game hours before the raid onto base. It was enough time to get ready, organize things, etc. I had a full drawbridge with gaurd rails and platform all nicely placed. I just needed to remove the frame block that was temperary to hold it up. Some chain reaction thing took out the entire bridge, I had 2 hours to .. break into my own base. That was an expensive draw bridge I thought.. then looked inventory.. I need wood. To get back. But all the trees are gone nearby. I did live, but it would have been funny had this been caught on video. Fancying my beautiful bridge, the only way into the base zombie proof. POP. From a frame. I did figure out how it was done, the frame being on the edge, the code triggers if frame drops, it will level out the rest with it .. all the way down hahahahahahhahahaha. Reponse to qoute, & update: I think being simple about it, I seem to die on day 1, and not die at all after. It feels balanced after about 14 or so game hours in. I think in general there should be leniency at the beginning at least on your first day, until Nightfall arrives, then it feels like a good game after.
  6. The good practice is limited rng or using it creatively. Radius zombie spawn around the player randomly, works during bloodmoon as a good example, with conditions set in place to limit it to areas not built by the player. That is a good example of rng use. Fallout 4 attempted to resolve the issue of rng in combat with critical hits, creatively, having more like a charge up and controllerable use of critical hits against opponents. The reason why we are careful about rng in combat, is because its fast action, fast pace, and you want to make sure the player can learn from his mistakes, and "get gud" later. There is a way to learn from early game rng from zombies. The solution is avoid them, and the dwellings they are in, or disable zombies all together until you have reached a desired level. There may be other ways. I personally enjoy going right into the action. Start right away with exploring interiors, and make a starter base within. I read some comments here, to apply the special damage to various zombies, so you can learn , which ones to avoid. Also for a quick fix might be give a grace period of X days for player to be immune to infection, and injuries. X might = expected time to find honey for infection, and expected time to have found enough armor to protect yourself from injuries, if you so chose to find armor first , on start of your run. That way its the players fault he didn't prepare himself. For trap floors, (off subject) Sometimes it works, other times, I didn't learn anything from it. Perhaps some very slight graphical change, hard to see, that differs the floor look, I mean just enough, that you would spot a trap floor, if you were sneaking, looking at the floor, but easy to miss otherwise. When I play, I attempt, no death runs. If I make it to day 5, then die, I'll usually tell myself I'm allowed to die 4 more times, and to make it to day X in order to beat the run. It's a personal challenge. I have found that hard to do with this update. I'm okay with traps in pois, you learn.. the pois, to get good. I still wouldn't mind a very very faint crack on the floor easy to miss, as I get the thrill going into a poi I don't know, and because of a cautious nature, am able to win it first time round. Some traps feel unavoidable, but mostly just needs a que to look for. Edit: Going on run 8 or 7, my challenge is how long I live exploring, make it to night. I want to be wrong. I want to find a way to win, outside of avoid zombies all together. So far I survive about 1-2 pois before something messes me up bad or kills me. I used to go 5-35 days before something stopped me, that was alpha 18 last. If I get past this, (on nomad,) that will be enjoyable, because its like doing the dark souls 2 runs for them damned rings, no death no bonfire. I did no death, did that one. Second was too hard.
  7. I come back time to time to play 7 days to die with next update. Life story.. The injury system isn't fun. It kills it. I spend my first points to "disable the feature". I think all injuries should be segregated into conditionals. When you fell, you broke a leg. That was conditional, that worked. This injury system now, is a random on hit effect acrue injury system. When you include a broken leg into the random hit injury system, it devalues the unique event of breaking it from a fall. I would at least remove broken leg from the on hit injury system. There are a lot of shaping behaviors the injury system pushed me into on how to play the game. Generally, don't get hit, even once. That is not fun. Might as well make my hp = 1. Remove hp all together and call this Call of Duty Zombie Instagrab. Shaping behavior of avoid melee. Avoid house exploration. Allocate starting perks directly into Heal Factor, put off your main build till day 3 or something. Hope this helps I probably sounded rash, theres good graphics and everything, just frustrated, hope the injury system, something can be done about it, or taper it down, so its not in the way, or segregate it so injuries have unique purpose, can be avoided, outside of "dont get hit once"
  8. I wanted to report some bugs with the trader. Uncertain about if first one is mod related, I think so as I don't run into problem in vanilla. 1) Using a microsoft xbox controller in darkness falls, the menu chat screen with a trader, if opened by the controller, limits where I can move cursor preventing me from selecting missions or selling and trading. To fix I have to make sure I initially open chat with traders by mouse and keyboard till I reach barter screen, then can sit down and use the microsoft controller. 2) The guards don't attack zombie animals or behemoths, perhaps more than that, those confirmed. Or the added special zombies. Generally they seem to only identify regular zombies as threats. 3) The guards don't turn, face 1 direction. 4) If deciding to make the traders base as your own, there are approximately 40 guards in each, maybe 1-4 sniper postions, and... insane difficulty all zombies on bloodmoon never reach the wall. Usually like 5-8 blocks near it, so very far, death by the guards. On,...insane... difficulty. The ones who make it through are dogs, bears, animals, special zombies, as guards dont fire at them. 5) By day 15, I accepted I had to do it... I slaughtered 30 guards and kept 10, 2 per wall side, and 2 sniper. It fixed lag.. I rebooted game next day....and THEY RESPAWNED. That was the deal breaker for me. But I guess traders don't need defense afterall then. I did enjoy the process and building up their bases, before finding out , they REALLY don't need any help. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The pet peeves of the mod I have are mostly bringing back the old crafting recipes. -Alpha 17.2 Vanilla> Get 3 ingrediants, make stone arrow, DONE. -This mod> Get 3 ingrediants, morph 2 of them into 2 different ingrediants, then... make stone arrow. done... I would have to side with fun pimps in terms of unnessesary complexity. I don't nessesarily enjoy collecting 3-5 pistol parts to make a pistol all over again, (this mod, last seen alpha 15, brought back). Finally, if I didn't mention anything else bad, then maybe what Im saying is I actually enjoy. Everything else, and feel it made game more fun. I'm in one of those moods where I spent days making a beautiful base out of traders to find out it would be invincible with no help. that guards are too much, AND THEY RESPAWNED, at least for me! I had to call the mod quits till at least thats changed, I was allured by the mod allowing to build at traders.
  9. OMG I need your modified version or file if can have. or would love to have. considering remaking my game bc of the class limit and being stuck as a certain class.
  10. How do I learn a new class ingame, like find more class books. Can it be done from scavenging?
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