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  1. It is thee best zombie game. I haven't bought another since but I've looked, still do. When they add boats fish and remake water, and a professional main storyline, there will be no ______________. What you do now is play through normally, avoid YouTube. Then after day 49, start a new, check YouTube for exploits. Enjoy the exploits. They last until the next major release. (Alpha 19). I'll give one exploit Because it does help else really hard game without: Go to the burnt forest. Place bedroll, store all in chest. Place chest. Pick up bed roll. Wait about 5 game hours. Petrified Horse should spawn. If not you need to do hard reset of spawn zone your in. Do so by jumping off a cliff. When it kills you, you should spawn in a good safe place away from the loot in the chest you placed. If you had good loot, submit screenshot. If loot was really good and now you can't find it, let us know.
  2. I didn't mention before but came across new one. The cow moo sound is extremely loud if you set it on fire.
  3. : You are correct sir. Let me edit the Op for correction so no one is confused. You could correct your post too.
  4. I stayed stubborn to finish my save to day 50. Alpha 18 1b, not 2b. Kept note of the patch notes for 2b and kept riding that bicycle (free fuel!). 50 days played with goal to die less of 5 times. Died 4. 2-3 from constructing my own base and falling in spike of death. It was designed that way for zombie. But I fell in. Scavenger 1st play through of 18 including learn stuff. Single player. Overall it's fantastic. How boring. On to suggestions. -The screamer has an amazing ability called "stutter increaser.": Deal damage to fps sharply every 3-5 seconds. -Placing maybe 4-5 junk turrets down at once caused same effect. Feels like there's a relationship. -Putting more emphasis on books being exclusive to questing. Do quest. Get reward as book. Not find books in normal scavenging (opinion/preference) -option for limited lives. Die x times set by options= Your level 1 again. (Opinion/preference) -The petrified screaming horse entity (on fire) in the burnt forest wouldn't spawn. "Reee'heeeeheee-heee." Hoof hoof clamp clamp hoof hoof. -Catapult that launches furniture and fridges over walls or through them by accident is not working as intended. I tried to load a truck. It broke the catapult. -Launching a cow into the water was led by strange moo sounds, splashing, fins, and paranahs. Asking for help or something. -Releasing tigers from their cages didn't work either. They ignored the zombies and jumped up to my platform. Then attacked the cow. -Landing a piano onto a coyote via catapult lucky aim didn't net me the reward Roadrunner perk. -Launching anvils via catapult at roadrunner led to some weird auto aim follow. Anvil always landed on me. -The trebucket glitched out. On horde night I couldn't reach the activation "e" on it. So I got closer and it let loose tossing me over the wall. Second glitch was half eaten cow was still alive mooing at me after my fall. Laughing vindictively. I really had no problem with Alpha 18 in general. Real fun and traders just fine. I didn't feel I was rich. It felt balanced to me (opinion). PS. Joel, serious if you could just get the pretrified horse to spawn correctly, and fix the cow mooing too loudly when I set it on fire, that could fix many of these problems we are having.
  5. Damn that sucks. Thank you for the insight. I played since a15. Not as soon as 12.
  6. Interesting. I remember corpses as early as 15. But those blocks didn't stack in each other like dirt blocks, did self destruct and I believe they were removed due to lag or resource hungry. I meant a gore block at behaves like the dirt blocks. I would try 16/15 though I played those, felt the block was moreso a decorative loot object.
  7. Not here to say is a good idea! Zombies attacking forts/balance wise, it should patch that slanted wall buff. Recommended add-on/change: All fat zombies (tourist /cop) on death create a gore block in the shape of dirt, just a retexture of corpse skull doom style. Why is it a bad idea? I'm thinking it will make it harder to make an invincible defense. In theory it will boost what you see in world war z of zombies dying and others climbing higher and higher as you mow them down. So I insisted just fat zombie deaths create gore block. Maybe a missile launcher to cut down the blocks building up. Why else is it a bad idea? Might make players build walls higher? Not sure what bases will look like to counter. Deeper pits. Why good idea? It might be cheaper and interesting to create gore blocks on ground/zombie death to compliment the current ai that already seems clever about utilizing height to reach the player. I am interested to fight a horde like that. Mowing down the horde and they just get higher and higher. Also base currently impenetrable and I feel like the zombies are clever enough in terms of if they have an opportunity they will grab it. Thinking a gore block created helps them find new way up to player.
  8. I want catapult! It needs to lob just about anything hilarious. Craft a truck. Lob it. Hey zombies. ! Truck incoming! Load up meat! Launch the meat! (That will make them leave your walls for 20 seconds.) Load up the junk turrets. They redeploy when hit ground. Load up cow. Launch the cow! "Moooooooooooo!!????" As you watch chunking cow cluster fly in air. It's meat and it can land on zombies! Load up your friend. "Good luck!" Load up wild "caught" animal block called "caged lion" on horde night. Launch it. But not in your base. How about all them dirt blocks. I have 340 of them. Launching spike traps might be the most useful. Launch 20 caged rabits. That should keep zombies off the walls for hours. Make a prison with the floor being a catapult. Launch that player out of prison into the horde. You know what else you can launch? A ton of grenades. 20 of them. When they hit the ground they ignite. Place catapult triggered in wilderness by pressure plate. Catapult aims straight up loaded with grenades. Player walks on pressure plate. Sees a ton of grenades launched in air above him.............. "Oh ♥♥♥♥."
  9. I'm playing on scavenger now day 34 haven't seen a single screamer. It's an alpha 18 before latest patch. I do remember seeing one in PvP and it didn't scream . I thought it was a bug.
  10. Screamer variant choosing not to attack. Just sit there and scream till you figure out where outside it's at. Or a zombie that acts as a catapult. Standing outside and launching zombies on top your base. Or it simple launches arcing blocks with inaccuracy to your location but where ever the block hits. Could be the roof power generator. What if there was a zombie that camped, Outside your base. A zombie that doesn't try to waltz into your predetermined death trap. What if, there was a jester zombie. It sits outside your base cheering on fellow zombies and just buffs them. Laughing. Creepily. What if, you went into a house. And saw a creeper baby zombie laying. You wake it up. The baby cries. Spawns zombies outside like a screamer. Just ideas
  11. Few misc wishes. [stoves] can be turned into a "camp fire function" by wiring them., want a stove for decorate purpose /and basic functions. [Lawn mower/rake] that sweeps an attack by 3 wide at least. Maybe a sweeping attack. Just want to collect and clean that grass fast and efficiently. Grass is good burn fuel if can collect easier. [Expanded spider ai] spider automatically clings to any block it touches. Allowing it to walk walls and ceilings and navigate. And detach as needed for human brains. Like how spiders transferse up down, sideways. So if spider jumps as normal. It will attach to your iron bars.. then start walking around for an opening from the roof or something.
  12. If you support this idea and want it in the next patch. Bump! The furniture catapult. Load up any amount of furniture. Set launch arch angle. Fire. More furniture and dead zombie gore blocks = more spread. Instant death if hit. Fire the catapult! Can't wait to load up a 5x1 couch and it cuts through my own wall because I set the arc angle too low. ♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥. Set the glob of furniture and gore blocks on fire, the launch! Fire!
  13. I wanted to report some bugs with the trader. Uncertain about if first one is mod related, I think so as I don't run into problem in vanilla. 1) Using a microsoft xbox controller in darkness falls, the menu chat screen with a trader, if opened by the controller, limits where I can move cursor preventing me from selecting missions or selling and trading. To fix I have to make sure I initially open chat with traders by mouse and keyboard till I reach barter screen, then can sit down and use the microsoft controller. 2) The guards don't attack zombie animals or behemoths, perhaps more than that, those confirmed. Or the added special zombies. Generally they seem to only identify regular zombies as threats. 3) The guards don't turn, face 1 direction. 4) If deciding to make the traders base as your own, there are approximately 40 guards in each, maybe 1-4 sniper postions, and... insane difficulty all zombies on bloodmoon never reach the wall. Usually like 5-8 blocks near it, so very far, death by the guards. On,...insane... difficulty. The ones who make it through are dogs, bears, animals, special zombies, as guards dont fire at them. 5) By day 15, I accepted I had to do it... I slaughtered 30 guards and kept 10, 2 per wall side, and 2 sniper. It fixed lag.. I rebooted game next day....and THEY RESPAWNED. That was the deal breaker for me. But I guess traders don't need defense afterall then. I did enjoy the process and building up their bases, before finding out , they REALLY don't need any help. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The pet peeves of the mod I have are mostly bringing back the old crafting recipes. -Alpha 17.2 Vanilla> Get 3 ingrediants, make stone arrow, DONE. -This mod> Get 3 ingrediants, morph 2 of them into 2 different ingrediants, then... make stone arrow. done... I would have to side with fun pimps in terms of unnessesary complexity. I don't nessesarily enjoy collecting 3-5 pistol parts to make a pistol all over again, (this mod, last seen alpha 15, brought back). Finally, if I didn't mention anything else bad, then maybe what Im saying is I actually enjoy. Everything else, and feel it made game more fun. I'm in one of those moods where I spent days making a beautiful base out of traders to find out it would be invincible with no help. that guards are too much, AND THEY RESPAWNED, at least for me! I had to call the mod quits till at least thats changed, I was allured by the mod allowing to build at traders.
  14. OMG I need your modified version or file if can have. or would love to have. considering remaking my game bc of the class limit and being stuck as a certain class.
  15. How do I learn a new class ingame, like find more class books. Can it be done from scavenging?
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