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  1. The react was probably more hilarious at the time, in thought "Okay I have 2 hours to get my ammo, organize the weapons, etc, maybe even reinforce or polish some stuff, now to take out that frame so zombies can't cross despite bridge retracted, don't need that thing anyway" **Then pulls frame** *clunk clunk jurgle jurgle, clock , blonk! , clunk , graw, bunk, clock clock clunk, * Then softly spoken outloud. "Oh @%$#... what do I do now."
  2. Response to qoute, also an update on experience. First off topic, was hilarious, want to share my day 7. So I fortified a graveyard church thing prefab, across from trader. It had pre-existing walls. Spikes.. I had 2 game hours before the raid onto base. It was enough time to get ready, organize things, etc. I had a full drawbridge with gaurd rails and platform all nicely placed. I just needed to remove the frame block that was temperary to hold it up. Some chain reaction thing took out the entire bridge, I had 2 hours to .. break into my own base. That was an expensive draw bridg
  3. The good practice is limited rng or using it creatively. Radius zombie spawn around the player randomly, works during bloodmoon as a good example, with conditions set in place to limit it to areas not built by the player. That is a good example of rng use. Fallout 4 attempted to resolve the issue of rng in combat with critical hits, creatively, having more like a charge up and controllerable use of critical hits against opponents. The reason why we are careful about rng in combat, is because its fast action, fast pace, and you want to make sure the player can learn from his mistak
  4. I come back time to time to play 7 days to die with next update. Life story.. The injury system isn't fun. It kills it. I spend my first points to "disable the feature". I think all injuries should be segregated into conditionals. When you fell, you broke a leg. That was conditional, that worked. This injury system now, is a random on hit effect acrue injury system. When you include a broken leg into the random hit injury system, it devalues the unique event of breaking it from a fall. I would at least remove broken leg from the on hit injury system.
  5. I wanted to report some bugs with the trader. Uncertain about if first one is mod related, I think so as I don't run into problem in vanilla. 1) Using a microsoft xbox controller in darkness falls, the menu chat screen with a trader, if opened by the controller, limits where I can move cursor preventing me from selecting missions or selling and trading. To fix I have to make sure I initially open chat with traders by mouse and keyboard till I reach barter screen, then can sit down and use the microsoft controller. 2) The guards don't attack zombie animals or behemoths, perhaps more t
  6. OMG I need your modified version or file if can have. or would love to have. considering remaking my game bc of the class limit and being stuck as a certain class.
  7. How do I learn a new class ingame, like find more class books. Can it be done from scavenging?
  8. Something more helpful: Do add the Behemoth, as a 1 trick pony. It would have a seperate spawn system and code. Since it would likely be 1 enemy on the battlefeild, it shouldn't cost too many resources , and by then, youll have the second chunk of pathfinding, to add to a 7 days to die 2, which a sequel would be "an engine rewrite", making an assumption that the original pathfinding is heavily nested in the core game by now.
  9. And stuff like this is seen often in Starcraft 2. Each unit has , a lot of tree branching going on. But specific to this, they have a pathing object, and... a ton of choices. A "unit" in sc2 might have creep tumor pathing, or have terran building 1x1 pathing. Etc. and drop down the list of pathing options, will be jaw dropping. The code to run the pathing, wont take long. The code will "choose" what pathing code to run. Its much easier this way. Than... try to make the "ultimate" pathing code. Just restructure the game to "choose" what the pathing will be for said Zombie. Then imagine this
  10. One way or another, it will take time to write the code. However, when you do get to it, I recommend making a second algorithim, or I just call it a set of arrays. Make a set of path finding code for 2x2. Saying a "voxel" is 1x1. Then tree branch it. Doing a switch statement ( or equivelant) to organize new various pathfinders. It wont just add 1 feature, but make it much easier to add in more later. Likewise. The way it sounds, is the original path finding code, is nested into a lot of code, so making a "tree branch system" will take time itself. And I do recommend it for the future. I use
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