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CTD on dedicated server login


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Heya all.


So I've been running a dedicated server on another PC in my household for a few friends and myself for the past few weeks. Today I was the last to log off, and a few hours later when trying to log back in I immediately crash to desktop when I load in. I get to the point that I see the server MOTD, load in and see the world for a split-second before game just shuts down.


I've been messing around to see if I can solve the issue. I backed up and deleted my character profile on the server, and then it loaded in just fine (as a level 1 with no stuff of course). So the issue seems to be with my character profile. Either it's just flat-out corrupt or it's the specific spot bugging me out.


The spot I logged out on is at the very top of the construction site in a snow biome.


Does anyone recognize this issue? Have any idea how to fix it without rollbacking everything? We're past day 100 and very high level with a base we've worked on.

I want to try editing my spawn coordinates but I cannot find a working character edit tool.


I have of course restarted the server, my PC and reinstalled my GPU drivers.



Crash dump


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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